Having Doubts About Selling On Amazon Marketplace? Do Not Miss This!

Amazon Listing Optimization, Amazon Marketplace Services February 20, 2019

How to sell on Amazon

Amazon affirms to be a perfect platform, for not only buying products but selling them as well. Nearly half (46.7%) of US internet users start their product searches on Amazon and more than 300,000 US-based small- and medium-sized businesses are already leveraging the platform to expand their reach. These stats prove that Amazon is disrupting the eCommerce space like none other.

All this being said, some sellers still fail to make the most of this promising platform. They often struggle to manage their Amazon listings due to technical complexities or time constraints. Amazon Marketplace Services can help such sellers reach out to over millions of potential customers on Amazon in a cost-effective and seamless way.

Besides, almost every seller would want to leverage this platform to their benefit. If you also fall into the same category, then you should enlighten yourself about the primary pros and cons. The pros will tell you how you are benefitted and knowing the cons will enable you to have a workaround. So, here is the list of Pros and Cons you should consider when developing a strategy for building your business in this online marketplace.

The Pros and Cons of Selling On Amazon

Amazon Marketplace Services


  • One Of The Best And Easiest Ways To Expand Your Reach

    Amazon is not just a better place to get a large customer base but also the easiest one.
    All you need to do is structure a good product listing and send inventory to an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) warehouse. And, voila you are in business!

  • Sell On Amazon Or Get Left Behind

    Having an online presence in this digital era is getting extremely essential. Building and maintaining your own website is surely significant but it may not give you the extensive exposure that Amazon can. Amazon is dominating the eCommerce industry and it won’t be wrong to say that it will only continue to grow. Even, the propensity of global consumers to prefer Amazon for shopping will continue to increase. This is why being an Amazon marketplace seller will be best for the future success of any business. Failing to do so may get you left behind.


  • Your Listings Are Prone To Stealing

    Counterfeit products lead to negative listings as they are listed under copied ASIN on Amazon. This results in bad reviews and low sales, significantly ruining the brand reputation. However, every problem has a solution. You can prevent it with the help of Amazon Listing Optimization. If you optimize your listings from the beginning, there are fewer chances of it being copied by other sellers. Apart from this, Amazon aims to control counterfeits via Brand Central registry to protect the authorized brand owners. Thus, if you play smartly then there is no need to worry. With improved Amazon policies and listing optimization, you can easily prevent such things.

  • Amazon Owns The Customer Relationship

    Amazon is an exceptional channel for businesses to reach a large customer base. However, when we talk about customer relationship management, it solely owns customer relationships. This makes it challenging for sellers to have a direct relationship with their customers. Both sellers and buyers on Amazon marketplace are Amazon’s clients. Thus, it handles all the customer/seller communication and concerns accordingly. Yet, you can have a way around by getting customer information via product warranty or free e-books sign-up so that you can retain customers who buy your products.

    Selling on Amazon may have some cons but its unmatched potential for sales can’t be overlooked. So, don’t fret about the drawbacks as they can always have a workaround and focus on growing your business on one of the best eCommerce marketplaces.

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