Document Scanning Services: A Boon For Your Business

Document Scanning Services January 21, 2021

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Let’s accept it – in the grand scheme of everything that is required to run a business, invoices, tax records, financial statements, receipts, medical records, employee records, and other piles of papers are stacked up high in some corner or the other. And yes, it is extremely difficult to organize as well as manage. This is where document scanning comes into the picture.

It doesn’t just get rid of the clutter but gives you easy access to all the stuff while increasing your productivity and efficiency. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the benefits of scanning and indexing are too good to be missed for any business, regardless of its scale and operations.

Here we will talk about the several advantages that document scanning services can bring for your business. But before we get down to it, let’s get acquainted with the basics of document scanning and indexing for a clear understanding.

Document Scanning And Indexing

Document scanning and indexing involve capturing relevant details from paper documents and converting them into digital formats for ease of storage, search, retrieval, and use. With the development of technology, scanners can scan thousands of papers daily while transferring information to digital formats, including PDF, TIFF or JPEG files.

When combined with optical character recognition, scanning software processes the image files and extracts the required information. On the other hand, indexing optimizes text for search by identifying and categorizing documents and further applies search criteria for accurate results.

Benefits Of Document Scanning Services For Your Business

There are days when you know that scanning is perhaps a great, effective way to manage all the important documents of your business, but you aren’t sure whether it is really worth the time and money? Well, on such days you must resort to the pool of benefits that scanning and indexing bring to your business. Let’s have a look at the most crucial ones:

1. Improved Compliance

Regardless of your business niche, you want to ensure that you adhere to all the legal and regulatory requirements. Considering the amount of paper documents you own and the challenge that comes with handling them, misplacements and unfulfilled legal norms is anticipated. Document scanning services, on the other hand, offer secure access to your most confidential documents at the time you need them while keeping a strict check on compliance. In other words, when you face the most stringent auditor or annual review, you’re fully prepared.

2. Greater Efficiency

Document scanning services give you access to a cloud-based document management system which, in turn, allows the employees to invest their time on business-at-hand, instead of handling endless documents. Sharing electronic documents with your team members in various geographical locations streamlines business processes in a practical as well as collaborative manner.

3. Enhanced Security

Paper documents are always susceptible to damage due to unfavorable or unexpected conditions. Documentary scanning plays a pivotal role here by offering enhanced disaster recovery options to minimize the impact of adversities while getting your business back up-and-running quickly. A professional document scanning company securely reserves your digital documents and keeps a strict check on your information from being lost or accessed by an unauthorized third-party.

4. Free Up Office Space

This goes without saying but paper documents occupy a major chunk of your office space, sometimes an entire room. Once you go in for documentary scanning, you end freeing up expensive real estate. So, instead of dedicating your valuable office space towards document storage, you can reallocate it to a more profitable area of your business. Also, whether it’s tax files, bills, invoices, employee records or other important documents, scanning consolidates and stores all the crucial information in a secure cloud database in lieu of the overstuffed cabinet(s).

5. Better Customer Service

In the face-paced world, businesses who are quick and prompt to customer queries are the ones who take the lead. Scanning can help you offer better customer service by providing your support team quick access to information and allowing them to respond to customer requests faster. Resultantly, your business experiences increased levels of customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

6. Cost Savings

While document scanning might seem a costly up-front investment, it can save you money in the long-run. Just think of how much time and resources you spend on paper and records stored within your organization; that’s a lot. Now imagine saving all of this by going digital. And best of all, you can simply scan the documents you think are important and need immediate access to while storing the rest in some offsite or onsite records storage facility.

7. Simplify Collaboration

Several document management systems allow multiple users to edit electronic files simultaneously. Getting the entire team’s ideas and feedback on a particular project has never been easier while decreasing the time spent on sharing versions back and forth and using clumsy editing tools. According to a survey, 77% of remote workers get more done in fewer hours – thanks to digital collaboration via a file-sharing software.

8. Environmentally-Friendly Workplace

When you convert to a digital workplace, you automatically contribute to an environmental management system. Document scanning eliminates or reduces the amount of paper circulated throughout your workplace while promoting an eco-friendly environment. Imagine how simply altering your document management processes could reduce deforestation, pollution, or fossil fuel usage.

Now that you know the importance of document scanning, it is important to get an insight into document digitization so that you can be up and running. Let’s get into some of the

Tips To Get Started With Digitizing Your Documents

1. Boxing Files

Before going in for document scanning, make sure you box all your files. Make as many boxes as you need to while ensuring everything is categorized and separated properly. Boxing up your documents will not only ensure that all documents are transported securely but make it easier for the document scanning company to index as well as for you to locate them in the document management system.

2. Removing Staples and Clips

In order to ensure that no pages are missed, removing all kinds of staples and paper clips from your documents is utterly important. Either ask your scanning service provider to do this for you or take out some time to do it yourself as it will also give you a chance to sort through all the documents and determine whether all the files are present.

3. Receipts, Business Cards or Air Tickets

The only time you should use tape is when you need to scan any of these. To ensure that you get the best possible scan, tape each item on one side of the paper to avoid the second side getting overlooked.

Though you can perform it yourself, it is advised to ask your document scanning company for the same for obvious reasons. From the initial document preparation phase to the final delivery of your digital images, scanning and indexing professionals make sure your documents are scanned in the quickest and secure manner. Further, it gives you an unparalleled advantage of growing your business in the meantime, as your documents are being scanned.

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