4 Killer Strategies To Successfully Market Your Amazon Listing

Amazon Listing Service, eCommerce data entry January 3, 2019

Amazon Listing Service
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With such stats, no doubt Amazon’s revenue is increasing day by day and so are the number of its sellers. With over 5 million marketplace sellers across all Amazon marketplaces, it stands tall as one of the biggest markets for sellers. However, with increasing numbers comes strong competition. Most sellers prefer to sell their products on Amazon to expand their reach but it can be difficult for products to take off without professional guidance. So, what do you do to grab maximum customers? You’ve got to promote your Amazon listing to gain customer’s attention.

Amazon has thousands of hungry buyers but so are the products similar to the ones you are selling. By properly promoting your product listings you ensure to place your product ahead of others, making them easily visible to the perspective customers. This results in driving more visitors and sales to your products. Most organizations adopt this method by outsourcing Amazon listing service to a reliable service provider. It not only saves time and meticulous efforts that goes into promoting the listings but also provide the momentum your product listings need for better conversions.

Four Proven Strategies To Top The Amazon Search Results

Now without further ado, here are four killer strategies to promote Amazon product listing:

1. Social Media

Social media is a great platform to promote your product listings. It not only builds trust and attracts new customers but also strengthens your online reputation online. Here are some tips to help you promote your Amazon listing:

  • Build Your Brand Profile: Identify your audience, share and post content to entertain, educate and persuade them. Observe similar sellers of your industry who are already established on the network. Try and analyze what they are doing and bring your own ideas to attract buyers.
  • Leverage Influencers: Find someone with an excellent reputation and a large audience who may be interested in your products. The right influencers can provide you with a broader audience and a recommendation, thereby, building trust in your brand.

2. Blogging

Promoting your listing through blogging is a great way to:

  • Provide more information about your products
  • Communicate and engage with readers
  • Familiarize them with your brand

Consider these important tips while blogging:

1. Create a blog for your brand and provide useful content related to your products and brand.

2. Reach out to other blogging websites to promote your Amazon listing and ask them to feature your product or run promotions. Don’t forget to consider their traffic and audience. Choose those websites that have relevant traffic as per your industry.

3. Regularly post relevant content to increase the chances of attracting potential customers. The more interesting and engaging content you post, the higher will be the number of customers it’ll attract.

3. Build An Email List

Leverage email marketing to connect with a broader audience and gain customer value. Structuring an email list for your business will help you to:

  • Harness Your Existing Amazon Customer Base – If you have a good number of sales then you can run automated email campaigns to get more reviews, vital feedback or drive repurchases.
  • Build Your “Own” Audience – You can utilize your channels (if you are also selling through an individual website) to interact with your audience.
  • Be Regularly In Touch With Your List – Getting distant from your customers for long or sending emails only for promotions will make your audience forget who you are. If you’re building a brand, don’t just ruin the purpose by sending emails out of the blue. Make sure you keep your list active and updated by regularly getting in touch and providing value. However, if somehow you are not able to maintain it then you can always outsource eCommerce data entry services. These five points can help you look for a reliable data entry company and get a seamless customer database to be in touch with your clients.

4. Amazon Deal Websites

Who doesn’t like discounts? It’s a great way to attract new customers and ensure the present ones keep coming back for more. Use various platforms to offer deals and coupons for your products. You can easily promote your Amazon listing by reaching up to active bargain hunters via various deal websites. Running deals has always been a proven technique to quickly generate more sales. Thus, leading to higher ranking and greater exposure.Here are a few tips for using a reliable Amazon deal site:

  • Make sure to offer a deal, not a giveaway. You don’t need to give your products away for free as buyers here come for shopping deals.
  • Track the progress with keywords as it will allow you to observe and measure improvements.
  • Don’t miss to follow up, as while promoting your products you should take advantage of the extra customers you get on such sites. Getting in touch with them through your email campaigns may get you valuable feedback, reviews or even regular buyers.

Implement These Strategies And More With SunTec Data

Hopefully, these strategies can get you the desired results. However, if you find them challenging to comprehend and worked upon, then you can always outsource Amazon Listing Service to one of the most reliable eCommerce data support service providers – SunTec Data. Write to us at info@suntecdata.com to get a free consultation from amazon eCommerce data entry experts.

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