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Marketing works best when the messaging is tailored to the needs of the target audience. Such a successful outreach requires that the marketer reaches them correctly in the first place. And for that, you require a database of your target audience’s addresses and other contact information that will help you connect with them without being misled.

An updated and accurate address database is the key to marketing success. And that is possible by partnering with an Address Management Services provider like us.

Maintaining an effective database of addresses necessitates accurate and consistent data input. This accuracy and consistency is a perennial challenge for enterprises as each has multiple data streams from a variety of dynamic sources.

Data variety is an asset because it provides the complete picture of the quantity or parameter generating each. However, there is also an increased propensity for errors to creep into the system because of it.

In the case of contact data like address and phone number, every small mistake can render the entire segment worthless. Address verification services peer through every such contact data segment to ascertain the authenticity of each. They will mend incomplete or inaccurate contact databases that will hamper your company’s sales and marketing performance.

The inaccuracies and incompleteness have many possible causes. Market researchers may have misread the data or misplaced it while entering it into the database. They could be the result of a technical glitch on the software or hardware side, either during input, storage, or analysis.

It could be the result of a less-than-ideal choice of an address verification company that is unable to deliver on the accuracy levels required. Or It could be due to human error of some sort at any point in the company’s or data management agency’s processing pipeline.

The problem could also be that of an outdated database, as several of your prospects could have possibly changed their address, phone number, email id, or even their workplace, leaving you with redundant and incomplete data buildup.

Not only does this add zero value to the company’s investment in it, but it also consumes valuable space in your database that could be better utilized with more accurate and recent data. Our Address management services can help you manage this problem.

With SunTec Data, you get to connect with your customers more efficiently and make your marketing campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

We are the address management company that will help you at every step of address management, be it collection, storage, standardization, or updating. We will make your sales contact information clean and accurate for maximum value addition.

And not just that, we avidly maintain it too! Our frequent and insightful database verification and validation processes have the highest levels of data security integrated into them. They will secure your database to prevent any contact data from leaking out and potentially landing you in legal hot waters.

Our address validation services will ensure that they’ll also remain at optimal efficiency to hold valuable data that you can fetch and utilize instantaneously for your needs.

Share with us your address data files or ask us to build from scratch and SunTec Data will manage either of the tasks with utmost precision and accuracy. It will be done in a fast and efficient manner, relieving you of the drudgery of time-consuming address data maintenance.

Using the standard and widely accepted postal address data format as the basis for structuring, recreating or formatting international data, our address management services have developed a comprehensive international database processing methodology. It ensures that every address field has the right components for optimal deliverability of data.

Cleansing, Validating, and Verifying Your Data

SunTec Data’s address verification services can help you right from fixing damaged international data records that have been squeezed into incongruous data formats in your contact database. We’ll detect distorted or missing special characters and correct or reinsert them back into the data file. We help you with:

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A personal touch goes a long way towards connecting with your target audience on a personal level. Your market research data will be your signboard towards that end, providing you information about them at every turn. Contact data forms an indispensable component of that data, acting as the bridge between you and your prospect. Its accuracy is therefore of paramount importance, and that accuracy is ensured by SunTec Data’s Address Management Services.

We bring our years of experience in providing industry-leading services to the top players across verticals into every one of our projects. Working across borders has led us to create workplace mechanisms that infuse efficiency into every task associated with address management regardless of the standard used in every market.

We are always ready to aid your international endeavors at a moment’s notice as everything required to reach the exact person(s) is readily available. We have also localized our address validation service’s workforce for optimal performance in every market without the obstacles of linguistic, legal, cultural, etc., differences acting as a hindrance.

Our scale and efficient approach also mean that the scale of your project will not affect its outcome in any way. We will deliver the same quality and accuracy with each project, with only a proportional change in the turnaround times.

Our performance is made possible by adopting the latest in related technology and techniques, particularly AI/ML at every stage of every task. Our years of experience as a leading address verification company have also allowed us to optimize the utilization of our resources, passing on those to your project requirements.

Our dedication to offering the best services in the data management sphere has compelled us to provide numerous pertinent services under one roof. You needn’t go anywhere else for all your data management needs, from market research to data analysis and report generation.

We have curated professionals with the capability to deliver the excellence we promise with each one of these services. We ensure that the personnel behind our exquisite address verification services are always up-to-date with the latest in the industry in terms of skill sets, techniques, and technologies.

And we make no compromises when it comes to our data security practices. We are constantly assessing the latest developments in data security threats and updating our countermeasures before they can cause disruptions.

We incorporate the principle of limited access to your data so that only those who require it for the stipulated period will have access to it. It helps prevent accidental leaks or opportunities for data security/privacy infrastructure loopholes.

Our address management services also pay attention to your privacy concerns by limiting access to authorized personnel only. We will be collaborating with you at every step of the way to determine the data you want exposed and closeted. All of this is on top of the robust data security software we always have running in our systems.

Thus, with our address database management services, you have the latest version of your list – ready to use, helping you with maximum flexibility, speed processing, and reducing cost. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.


What’s the difference between Address Verification Services and Address Validation Services?

Among the most confusing terms in data management are data validation and data verification. Their purposes do overlap in some respects, but they are fundamentally different processes used for different requirements. Data validation, or in this case, address data validation, includes qualification of accrued address data as correct and deliverable. And by deliverable, it means that the data is useful for the purpose it’s destined to be used. Data verification, on the other hand, is the process of checking the data to ensure that it is an exact replica of the original. Verification is, therefore, a comparative process to determine the validity of the data. Validation, on the other hand, is about finding the suitability of the data for a given purpose. They are usually combined to give the benefits of both as they form an integral part of market data processing.

What are the many address data input streams?

When it comes to enterprise address data streams, the more is always merrier. It leaves you with a wide berth of sources to collect the data from, giving you access to different markets and market segments that would otherwise have fallen out of your purview completely. The primary data stream for address data is direct surveys with potential customers. They will enter their address in the physical paper format that needs to be scanned to be entered into the digital database. Next comes the online survey forms that gather addresses in either real time or after completion of the form filling. Then there is email, where the address is written by the respondent or a link to the aforementioned online form is provided. Social media is another popular, albeit less forthcoming way to obtain customer address data. You’d have to offer something in exchange to get them to reveal it via the platform’s private communication facility or via some other means of communication. There are also third-party data providers that will handover the data for a fee, but you must be wary of the legality of the process as it could contain unauthorized data sharing practices.

What are the common address data errors encountered?

Unlike a simple phone number or an email address, a regular address contains lines of information that need to be accurate to the letter to be valid. Even a simple glitch can render the entire thing useless. One of the most common errors that make their way into databases is misspelling. This includes the misspelling of name, street name, area/locality, city, etc. The other similar error is the addition of wrong digits or the missing of one or more digits of house numbers, street numbers, sector, postal code, etc. The other one is wrongful categorization of the data. An example is the presence of a postal code where the phone number should be. Duplication is another major issue, where copies of the address are present either separately or overlapping the original. Outdated data is another menace, as it leads to the wastage of resources without the knowledge that it is no longer valid until it is found to be so. They each affect the end result in their own way and have different solutions to address them.

What makes SunTec Data’s Address Verification Services dependable?

Simply put, we have a proven track record of being the dependable data management services provider across industry verticals. Through our experience and an unyielding desire to deliver the best services to every type of customer, we have built a reputation of excellence in every aspect of our every business. Our experts are selected via a meticulous search exercise to bring onboard the best talent available who can apply the latest skill sets to your project. We also employ the latest in technology for both address management and data security. Our team is a global one, with the knowledge of their local market and thus little chance for address data related errors to enter. And we deliver all of our services in record time and within your budget to maximize your ROI.

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