Handwritten Forms’ Data Capture Services

Modern businesses seek to avoid handling handwritten documents as far as possible.

They are frequently illegible and take longer to process, they also tend to have a shorter life than printed material. An easy solution, of course, is to digitize them. However, capturing and digitizing handwritten data is not easy because handwritings vary almost infinitely, no sooner does one get used to one that one has to adapt to another. This makes capturing handwritten text and data a job for the specialist. At SunTecData.com we offer premium Handwritten Forms’ Data Capture Services so that you waste no more of your precious time making sense of clumsy and annoying scribbles.

Our Handwritten Forms’ Data Capture Services are efficient, accurate and comprehensive. The data capture professionals at SunTecData.com can perform handwritten forms data capture with consummate efficiency as they have been specially trained for it. Whatever the length, level of complexity or age of the handwritten forms, we can capture their data eschewing the slightest error or inconsistency. Some typical examples of the kind of documents handled by us are questionnaires, subscription or claim forms, coupons, response forms and cards, index cards, resumes and CV's, archival and historical documents and name and address lists.

As a part of our Handwritten Forms’ Data Capture Services we also process handwritten manuscripts, invoices, financial documents, mail returns, foolscaps, memos, income and expenditure books and order and work schedules. Our clients can even send us handwritten doctor’s prescriptions and technical instructions. We meticulously capture and organize the unstructured data of handwritten forms into MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, My SQL or any other digital format specified by our clients. You will, thus, search, retrieve and share your data more easily and will be able to perform statistical analyses to gather critical information about your customers, competitors and stakeholders. If required, besides manually capturing data, we can also scan the handwritten forms and make them available in formats like JPG, GIF, TIFF, bitmap and PDF.

At SunTecData.com we observe the strictest quality standards. Our accuracy levels are nearly one hundred percent. To preclude errors we employ techniques like two pass verification, double key data entry, triple key data entry and software based data verification. Even after all this, the finished project is put through a rigorous quality check and is also seen by our proof readers and editors. Our clients come from every sector and profession like marketing, banking, law, medicine, publishing, etc. Our Handwritten Forms’ Data Capture Services are also highly relevant for authors, scholars and researchers.

As a part of our Handwritten Forms’ Data Capture Services we can handle:
  • Handwritten work orders, memos and paper clips
  • Handwritten letters
  • Handwritten coupons
  • Handwritten medical reports
  • Handwritten index cards
  • Handwritten taxation data
  • Handwritten work orders
  • Handwritten address books
  • Handwritten claims forms
  • Handwritten vouchers
  • Hand written legal documents
  • Handwritten resumes and curriculum vitae
  • Handwritten financial documents
  • Handwritten research statistics
  • Handwritten accounts sheets
  • Handwritten questionnaires
  • Handwritten doctor’s prescriptions

At SunTecData.com we assure you complete data security, we are ever on the alert to make sure that the privacy of your data is not breached. Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry. Please get in touch with us to know more about our Handwritten Forms’ Data Capture Services.