Data Abstraction Services

Nothing drives a professional more to frustration than spending extended hours on voluminous documents to abstract a couple of points buried deep inside them.

Information overload can drastically affect the productivity, both at the organizational and individual level.

Improve accuracy and consistency with data abstraction services from SunTecData

With its Data Abstraction Services, SunTecData helps you filter out the less important or irrelevant data, reset the critical goals in focus, and increase your productivity. We can perform vital analysis on your academic, medical, or sales data, and provide actionable insights. Our Key Data abstraction services include:

  • SEC filing abstraction services
  • Sales data abstraction and validation
  • Customer email, contact number, and address abstraction

We are equipped with highly skilled researchers and data professionals who can handle your needs from start to finish, right from gathering the required data to performing data abstraction, and in a number of diverse fields.

Key features of our Data Abstraction Services include:
  • Collecting, reading, reviewing, extracting the required information and details from large volumes of data
  • Summarizing the key points in a compact and crisp manner along with relevant references, keeping all the important information from the source document intact
  • Leveraging a variety of resources like web, printed files, client documents, etc., to search for your required piece of information
  • Stringent quality audit, editing and proofing, for accurate and superior output
  • Output can be in any standard or customized database format

The benefits of acquiring distilled information or in other words, lightening the burden of information overload are just too many —in productivity, time and cost benefit, efficient resource allocation and overall business results. Contact us for data abstraction services of any volume and complexity.