Email Campaign Analysis

Response Tracking, Reporting and Campaign Performance Evaluation

One of the most critical aspects of an email marketing campaign is the ability to measure its success. SunTecData helps you with full-cycle strategic email campaigns beginning with hand-coding HTML emails to the deliverability, keeping your lists healthy and post-campaign analytics of your email campaign.

We assess the performance of your campaign through response tracking, reviewing significant campaign metrics like open, read, click, conversion, and engagement, etc., reporting the outcome, and supporting you in measuring the relative impact of email communication as a business driver.

Effective Email Marketing Analysis and Reporting with SunTecData

SunTecData helps you gain powerful and clear insight into the performance of your email marketing campaigns, viz.:
  • Tracking email sends, deliveries, bounces, emails reported as spam, clicks, opens, response received, complaints, and unsubscribes, etc.
  • Creating bespoke reports based on how many emails were opened, overlooked and deleted, timeframe, email category, internet service providers (ISPs), geography, and device-type to determine how effective and compelling your campaigns are.
  • Applying a/b testing to determine subject lines and email content to send out your best performing email.
  • Gauging trends through weekly and monthly reports.

SunTecData: Campaign Analysis beyond Opens and Clicks

We understand open and click rates are just broad indicators of your campaigns. We help you build an informed picture of your customers by focusing on subscriber behavior. We also support you in driving tangible business results by giving you a comprehensive view of what really works and what does not, and accordingly refine your email strategy.

Our advanced reporting and analysis techniques navigate beyond industry-standard reports like open and click rates:
  • With our behavioral targeting or clickstream analysis, we help you find out what happens after subscribers click on-your campaign messages, including length of time on site, page views, exit point, and most importantly conversion tracking, etc. We also analyze the subscriber behavior and subsequent response for the most effective messages and offers involving coupons, giveaways, call-to-action, mail copy, and visual display, etc.
  • To give you a better understanding of your customers’ profile, we help you with data overlay, which takes in the complete subscriber profile - comprising age, job titles, children, geographical location, household income, lifestyle, etc.
  • To determine the health of your lists and list management strategies, we analyse your subscribers comprehensively. We conduct email validation comprising checking your email hygiene, data appending, and change of address, etc.
  • To measure purchase history, click stream data, and engagement levels, we conduct customer valuation study.
  • We help you recognize inactive subscribers who have on no occasion interacted with your mails.

Reach your audience with targeted, relevant messages, and measure the success of your email marketing campaigns with us at SunTecData. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our services.