Data Scrubbing Services

The process of identifying and getting rid of or rectifying erroneous data and information in a database is called data cleansing or data scrubbing. Dirty data can occur as a result of wrong, incomplete, incorrectly formatted, or duplicate entry of records.

Data scrubbing is critical to businesses to boost productivity and return on investment while cutting costs and wastage. SunTecData works with many data-intensive businesses in the field of finance and banking, market research, telecommunications and media, retail, insurance and healthcare, legal, publishing, education, transportation, at identifying and remediating data quality issues and cleaning up the information stored in their database.

Errors in the databases can be the outcome of a number of factors, viz.:
  • Poor quality keying-in of data
  • Merger of two databases
  • Absence of data coding standards across industry or organization
  • Business rule violations
  • Redundant and inconsistent data
  • Outdated storage and management of data, etc.

Offering a complete suite of data cleansing services, SunTecData does whatever it takes to deliver you clean, accurate and up-to-date data. From identifying inaccurate, outdated and redundant data and rectifying errors to appending missing data, de-duplicating, standardizing, normalizing, updating and enriching your records, we do it all with optimum level of accuracy.

We have expertise in the following (but not limited to) Data Scrubbing Services:
  • Update and validate incomplete names and addresses, and remove duplicate records
  • Append contact details including telephone, mobile and email address
  • Local relocation / gone away processing – identifying individuals who have moved houses and discover their new addresses
  • International address appending / suppression
  • Mortality screening: suppressing deceased individuals
  • Sales / marketing contact data audit and optimization
  • List scrubbing services for telemarketing companies
  • Telephone number appending
  • MPS (mailing preference) service screening in terms of removing un-mailables, un-callables and un-faxables
  • Cleansing or validating as per do-not-call compliance list
  • Custom file suppression - matching and de-duplicating files against other files
  • Organizing and loading of data in offline databases like: Excel, CSV, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, IBM DB2, and online databases like ERP, CRM applications (Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage CRM, Saleslogix, NetSuite, Oracle CRM, vTiger CRM, InfusionSoft, LeadMaster), etc.

Our data scrubbing services are engineered to enhance the quality of your business-critical data and ensure that it helps you maximize the value of your prospects and make informed decisions. We work to not only clean your data but also improve its quality by bringing in uniformity and consistency between different data sets.

Data Scrubbing / Data Cleaning Services at SunTecData: Our Process

To ensure that you always gain the most out of your database, SunTecData provides data scrubbing services and assists you in checking and modifying your business-critical information. Our experts can scrub your customer database that contains names and contact details of existing as well as potential customers. We ensure that your database contains accurate and up-to-date information and is free of duplicates.

Our Data Cleaning / Data Scrubbing process includes:
  • Data Analysis: Our team of experts analyze your data to identify its structure, content and quality. We begin cleansing the data by rectifying basic spelling errors, verifying the data against reliable sources and providing you accurate and up-to-date data.
  • Data De-duplication: During this phase, our experts follow match, merge and purge process to remove redundant data and ensure that the database contains only one unique entry. This not only improves data protection but also helps in reducing company cost.
  • Data Standardization: Our experts define, format and structure your data properly in all data layers. We assign accurate attributes or develop schema to standardize your data.
  • Data Normalization: To ensure a consistent data structure, we normalize your database. The process includes reducing redundancy, removing inaccurate data and organizing the data efficiently.
  • Quality Check: Our Quality Assurance team conducts frequent checks to ensure accuracy of data in all stages and provide you error-free, consistent and verified data.

Why Outsource Data Scrubbing Services to SunTecData?

By outsourcing data cleansing services to SunTecData, you can free up your resources for imperative business activities and save money that can be invested for marketing purpose to generate more sales. We help you:

  • Gain easy access to accurate and up-to-date data
  • Reduce redundancy by eliminating duplicate entries
  • Improve data protection and quality
  • Cut mailing costs
  • Boost response rates
  • Ensure legal compliance

We are ISO 9001:2008 accredited, meeting all the data quality measures and delivering you superior quality services. Our ISO 27001:2005 certification ensures that your business-critical data is safe and secure with us.

With data cleansing services, we provide you accurate and up-to-date data that helps you improve operational efficiency. Get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements and get a free sample job at no-cost-obligation basis. You can also write-in to us at to know more about our data hygiene / data cleaning services.