Data Capture Services

Paper is an encumbrance that businesses all over the world are trying to do away with.

Operating with paper slows down a business as searching for and locating information which is in the hard copy format is very time consuming. Paper documents also strain work-place infrastructure as storing them requires a lot of room. Further, keeping paper documents from deterioration and damage needs specialized staff and knowledge. Paper, thus, can be a constant drain on a business’s money and resources. A solution, of course, is to capture and digitize paper documents’ data. However, performing data capture in-house is not a very practical option since it requires expensive equipment and specially trained staff. A pragmatic option, thus, is to outsource Data Capture Services to a skilled vendor.

Make your Data capture Services partner:

At we offer a comprehensive range of Data Capture Services to help you capture and digitize data from paper based documents. We are experienced, versatile and innovative. We invest a lot of time and effort in studying and understanding diverse industry verticals so that our services develop and evolve in consonance with the data processing needs of modern businesses. The insights that we gain from the exercise make our services not just the most varied in the industry but also the most adaptable.

Our professionals are some of the best trained that you can find. They are distinguished by their capacity to think out of the box and devise a data capture solution which exactly meets your needs. Before we embark on a project we study it meticulously. We begin working on it only after we have thoroughly understood all its requirements. For this, whenever necessary, we have extended discussions with our clients.

As a part of our Data Capture Services we capture data from:

We accept files in all formats. You can send them both as scanned images and in the hard copy form.

At we also have the technological wherewithal to perform remote data capture operations using Citrix, VPN connections or Windows Remote Terminal.

We understand how vital your data is for you. We are ISO 27001:2005 certified for Information Security Management and will never compromise on the safety and security of your data.

Every data capture project is overseen by a dedicated Project Manager. He constantly supervises and guides our professionals and develops the right mix of technology and human talent needed for turning around a project. The Project Manager will also liaison with you and keep you posted on the progress of the work.

At we offer the most competitive prices. Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Data Capture Services.