Address Management Services

An updated and accurate address database is the key to marketing success.

Maintaining an effective address database necessitates accurate and consistent data input. Inaccurate or incomplete contact database often hampers sales and marketing performance. Several of your prospects could have possibly changed their address, phone number, email id or even their workplace, leaving you with redundant and incomplete data buildup.

With SunTecData, connect with your customers more efficiently. Make your marketing campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

SunTecData helps you with all the vital constituents of address management including collection, storage, standardization and updating to keep clean and accurate sales contact information … and not just that, we avidly maintain it too!

Share with us your address data files or ask us to build from scratch and SunTecData will manage either of the tasks with utmost precision and accuracy for you in a fast and efficient manner relieving you of the drudgery of time-consuming address data maintenance.

Using the standard and widely accepted postal address data format as the basis for structuring, recreating or formatting international data, we have developed comprehensive international database processing methodology, ensuring that every address field has the right components for optimal deliverability of data.

Cleansing, Standardizing and Verifying Your Data

SunTecData can help you right from fixing damaged international data records that have been squeezed into incongruous data formats in your contact database to detecting distorted or missing special characters and correcting or reinserting them back into the data file. We help you with:

Address De-duplication

A typical customer database approximately contains 10% in duplicate records. As addresses can be written in a variety of ways, the process of identifying and pinning duplicate records is challenging. SunTecData helps you hunt down any redundant data, keeping your original data set intact and ensuring no original value is lost.

Address Standardization

We standardize the address, ensuring that it is complete, well-formatted with no occurrence of missing city, state, or ZIP Code information, fully spelled out, and abbreviated as per the Postal Service standard abbreviations.

Address Verification & Validation

With our address verification services, we clean up your mailing addresses, validate it and improve the deliverability of any address. (However, there are only 11 countries in the world currently that have full address validation available.)

US & UK Postcode Address Files

SunTecData, besides making use of comprehensive internet resources, is equipped with US & UK Postcode Address Files [PAF]. We match all US and UK mailing data against the respective Postal Address Files to ensure that the latest and accurate address standards are maintained across all records.

With our address database management services, you have the latest version of your list – ready to use, helping you with maximum flexibility, speed processing, and reducing cost. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.