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The term “Do Your Research” has become a popular trend among internet users to urge someone to get their facts straight about something. But for a business, it is a mantra essential for its very existence, let alone growth.

Every business decision must be made with a robust understanding of the decision-making processes’ history. It must also consider that decision’s possible consequences in the near and long-term future.

Otherwise, it won’t yield results conducive to growth. It may jeopardize what may be working for your company too.

With the help of a quality research support company, you will be in a position to make decisions that will lead your company toward its goals. Your database won’t be a black box with uncertainty over the quality of its contents. Instead, it will become your most valuable asset, as the contents will be the result of carefully curated pieces of data from multiple sources.

SunTec Data provides on-going research support services to help businesses keep a tab on the latest market/ industry trends, strategies of competitors, and other critical information. We have a dedicated team of research support service analysts who work closely with the clients to understand their specific needs and provide them valuable insights, as and when required.

We collate data from primary and secondary sources of information, both online and offline, to provide you with accurate, current and actionable inputs that facilitate the decision making process. When you outsource research support services to us, you’ll gain deep insights into every one of those aspects of your business. The increased situational awareness will provide an opportunity to tune your operations for greater efficiency.

It will also facilitate better risk mitigation at every level. You will be able to foresee potential pitfalls in your company’s many departments and the market at large. It will enable you to make course corrections that preemptively act on the issues, reducing their impact or rendering them benign.

The results you get with us as your research support company identify the causes behind the present state of your business. You can chart the roadmap leading up to here, breaking down the consequences of your past decisions.

This clarity will help create better strategies to proceed towards business goals henceforth. You can avoid repeating counterproductive decisions that could’ve been missed otherwise and hurt your progress.

Outsource research support services to SunTec Data and experience free access to the market, dynamics, competitors, possible moves, target customer wants and needs, operational processes, employee satisfaction, engagement information, etc. This birds-eye view of your company will aid in fortifying your company on all fronts. It also lays the foundation for continued horizontal and vertical expansion.

Engagement Models: On-going Research Support Services

End-to-end Research Desk Outsourcing

With this engagement model, you get a dedicated team to manage your research request on a consistent basis. You can choose them as per your research requirements, depending on modifications or changes in your research area.

You can switch over to working with analysts from a corresponding domain, supporting you with area specific expertise. We sign a contract for a predetermined time span and handle all your custom research requirements on an ongoing basis, as agreed under the scope of the contract.

Functional Expertise in Continuous Business Research Support Services: At A Glance

Aligning quantitative and qualitative methods corresponding to specific client needs, SunTec Data plans and implements proven research and intelligence studies to discover and create opportunities for client advantage and improve outcomes.

SunTec Data has helped organizations with complex and diverse online research programs including, but not limited to:

Advantages of Hiring SunTec Data for Ongoing Research Support Services

Hiring a dedicated market research analyst for your continuing requirements can be cost-effective for global clients.

When you outsource an on-going research support project to SunTec Data, you get:

Having an optimum blend of a wealth of experience, industry-specific expertise, and ability to handle large volumes of projects, we assist small, mid-sized and large organizations in all sorts of research activities.

As part of continuous business research services, our experts follow a focused approach and provide information about customers, competitors, companies, industry, etc. Our research analysts provide comprehensive reports with valuable insights that help in making informed decisions.

These will help tremendously to reach out to the target audience with effective marketing campaigns.

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What are the sources of competitor data used for research?

Competitor research is just as important as an internal audit of your company. It will let you know where you stand with respect to your rivals in the industry, what their possible actions could be, and how best you can get ahead of them.

The data you need to make the decisions with those factors in mind comes from various sources. The general newscycle about them will present a broad picture about them. The press releases they put out, the announcements they make, and other such activities will yield some insights.

Their social media accounts are a treasure trove of data about them, including the customer reviews and comments, and their responses to those. Their hiring pattern will also let one know of what they may be upto.

What are the most common customer survey methods employed for research?

Customer data obtained from surveys are instrumental in gaining valuable knowledge about your target market. They will reveal their wants and needs, their capability to be paying customers for your products/services, possible future market trends, the effectiveness of your present marketing and product/services offering, etc.

Thus, it’s best to collect this valuable data from as many sources as possible. Common sources of this data include on-ground surveys using physical instruments like pen and paper, online questionnaire, email surveys, target market social media accounts, interactions on company social media accounts, telephonic interviews, purchase history, and feedback forms handed out after company events.

One could also purchase such data from legal data collection companies.

What are the market segmentation categories most used for research purposes?

Looking at the potential market for your products/services can be daunting due to the myriad of preferences and the varieties of requirements in different places. Segmenting that market into categories that will reduce the ambiguity and help with targeting marketing and product development is, therefore, crucial.

The most common categories the market gets carved into are demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic. Demographic deals with factors like age, weight, sex, height, etc. Psychographic deals with factors similar to demographic but on a more mental and emotional level. These will include interests, mental state, beliefs, values, attitudes held towards something related to product/service offerings, and lifestyle.

Behavioral includes online shopping habits, actions on websites, loyalty to brand, and the benefits sought. Geographic includes division based on location of the target customer.

What benefits do you offer as a research support service outsourcing company?

SunTec Data has carved a niche for itself in the data management industry as one of the best operators. We have achieved this reputation by constantly delivering the best of services to our clients regardless of their requirement type or scale.

We are ISO certified for the same, and for protecting our clients’ data in terms of security and privacy. We offer all manner of data management services under one roof so that our customers will have a single point of contact for all their data management needs.

Our experts use the latest in data research software with AI/ML embedded for quick and accurate results. They are also very experienced at what they do, having worked with the top companies across industry verticals. We gather research data for a variety of purposes from several sources to give you the best picture of your company.

And our services will always be delivered on time and on a low budget so that your ROI will be maintained at its peak value. Thus, your company is in safe hands when you outsource your research support requirements to us.

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