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SunTec Data provides a complete suite of handwritten data entry services to support businesses in digitizing hardcopy and printed documents. Equipped with the right blend of resources including an expert team of data entry operators and advanced technology, we analyze client’s business specifications and deliver solutions, bespoke to their requirements.

SunTec Data caters to global clientele across diverse industry verticals and niches such as academics, research, archives, museums, publications, finance, real estate, human resource, law firms, healthcare, travel, etc., and maintains remarkable data accuracy in the range of 99.97% - 100% while doing handwritten data entry.

We understand that the chances of handwritten data being misread or misinterpreted is indeed high, as handwriting styles can be vastly different depending on individual strokes of writing. We also understand that information pertaining to medical and healthcare, accounts and finance, business data, sales contacts, archival quality handwritten text, etc., are tremendously critical and does not allow for errors. That is why, we deploy teams of trained handwritten data entry specialists capable of recognizing various handwritten data in physical format, images, digital files, etc., besides implementing smart processes in place for our handwritten documents entry services.

We can input handwritten data from diverse sources, including (but not limited to):
SunTec Data’s Handwritten Data Entry Services: Our Methodology

If your business-critical data is stored in handwritten and/or printed documents, SunTec Data is here to capture the data and key-in with utmost accuracy. We have an optimum blend of skilled workforce, advanced technology and stringent quality control measures to deliver you high-quality handwritten and printed documents data entry services.

Why Outsource Printed Documents Data Entry Services To SunTec Data?

We hold extensive experience and technical know-how in capturing data from a variety of handwritten and printed documents including surveys, questionnaires, invoices, vouchers, yellow pages, journals, resumes, financial records, legal documents, and a lot more, and keying-in the details in easily accessible file formats.

We have also successfully captured data from several archival quality handwritten documents and manuscripts with varying complexities and volumes for professors/researchers at Harvard School of Business, MIT, Wellesley, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Exeter, New York University, University of Ohio State, London University, London Business School, University of Warwick etc.

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Getting Started

To learn how we can help you gain the maximum out of your handwritten and printed documents, through our handwritten documents entry, kindly drop us a line at info@suntecdata.com.

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