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Enterprise data contains the very essence of a business, its analysis and manipulation is what drives the results that a business seeks. While every department of an organization is a critical generator and consumer of data, the marketing and sales departments get special attention. Their direct contact with the market and customers demands that they gain valuable data from that very market as a source. Businesses today expect better insights from data and more value from their market research spends.

That process begins with market research. The data thus generated becomes useful to the business once it has been presented in a consumable format, most notably after the actions of data visualization services on it.

The need for data visualization can’t be overstated. Even a small company that has just dug its heels into the market will generate large quantities of data that will require processing and reporting. And that quantity only scales exponentially as the business scales, leading to large organizations generating and consuming extremely large amounts of it. The enlargement of the customer base/market share also adds to the increase of data, making its comprehension that much more complex. Without data visualization solutions, such a company will be left with gigantic data analysis reports that will be hard to comprehend on short notice, requiring significant resources to focus on that task alone. This segmentation of the workforce not only drains valuable resources, but also severely compromises the ability of the business to beat its competition in terms of time to market.

The scale of the task, and the corresponding resources that need to be dedicated for it, make it a prudent choice for a business to approach a professional data visualization company for help. The instantaneous availability of expert personnel adept at creating appealing and comprehensible visual representation of data, along with the access to the latest technology and techniques for the same, limits the time spent in gaining such visual reports and their subsequent utilization, meaning delays in time to market are no longer a concern.

Offering a complete range of data visualization and reporting services, SunTec Data will provide you easy access to critical data that is represented graphically to communicate trends, patterns and outliers that lie scattered across your enterprise data. Our data visualization services experts present the market research findings in a clear and concise manner, while avoiding research jargon and ensuring that the data is meaningful as well as actionable.

As a part of reporting services, our experts keep a tab on the progress of each survey and monitor the results at frequent intervals to provide you with complete and accurate reports. We take care to customize those reports according to your specifications and sensibilities, making the information presented in them easily digestible by the concerned personnel at your end. Meticulous attention will be paid to every crucial detail going into the final report, oftentimes in consultation with you for added personalization.

Require data visualization services in real time for mission critical ventures? Worry not! SunTec Data’s experts can provide you visual reports with real time input of data with the combination of experience and the latest in AI/ML technology that can process data and render reports in a multitude of visual formats in a manner of seconds, giving your business the edge it needs to grow in the market and realize the business objectives.

Seamless, accurate, affordable, and comprehensible data visualization reporting. That’s what you get when you outsource data visualization services to SunTec Data.

Data Visualization Services at SunTec Data: An Overview

With data visualization services, SunTec Data assists businesses in making informed decisions with accurate and well-presented data. Our experts present critical data in a graphical or pictorial format like reports/ presentations, info-graphics, interactive dashboards, etc., to help clients analyze the data and gain richer insights.

Further, we compile comprehensive reports in a preferred file format along with the findings, conclusions as well as recommendations to support you in improving business processes and engaging clients efficiently.

With data visualization solutions we provide you with graphics and charts that depict business performance and trends

Reporting features include:

Our experts are adept at using the following tools for data visualization:

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What are the common data visualization techniques applied?

There is no end to the kind of visualization that can be applied to data. The advancement of graphics technology has provided the ability to add complex backgrounds and abstract items to visualized data spending on the requirement of the user. There are, however, some standard visualization options that are preferred by most clients, especially businesses that have quick consumption in mind. Pie-charts and bar and line graphs dominate the scene due to their familiarity and flexibility. They can present a variety of information with different colors and textures even while being simple to read and understand. Matrix columns are another popular way of representing data, especially when averages are involved. The other types can be found in use are Box and Whisker plot, Bubble cloud, Heat Map, Highlight Table, Histogram, Dot Distribution Map, Gantt Chart, Polar Area, Radial Tree, Scatter Plot, Timeline, Text, Table, and combinations of these. The more recent development is the usage of live visualization, where animation and graphics is used to show data in a fluid, dynamic manner. This method can use abstract art for representation and is particularly useful for real time representation scenarios. It is up to the user to choose their preferred style of data visualization. /p>

How are Data Mining and Data Visualization related? What’s their differences?

Both data mining and data visualization fall under the broader category of data science. Data mining comes into the picture when you require data to be extracted from one or multiple sources.It involves the analysis of large quantities of data with the help of machine learning, statistics, and other algorithms. There’s clustering, classification, and summarizing of data involved here to properly organize it in a database for easy retrieval and reading whenever required by the appropriate personnel or software. Data visualization solutions, on the other hand, focus on representing the available data in a visual format. There is little to no analysis that happens here. The present data is used for storytelling purposes about the concept that data represents, and the factors for measurement are chosen based on that criteria. It can be used to highlight the results of the data mining process, or the various steps in the process itself. Finally, data mining needn’t always involve any form of reporting, as the primary goal is to have the data organized in the respective database according to set criteria for use whenever required. In contrast, data visualization is the primary form of data analysis reporting today. They both are, thus, different components of data management.

What are the downsides of data visualization solutions?

The visual consumption of information/data is a proven method to better distribute and retain information. Data visualization services are founded on this principle and function to constantly make the end result more palatable to a greater section of the target audience. However, this type of information representation and distribution is also not without its drawbacks. The first one is the sheer amount of processing involved in producing a visual element. You need experts with years of experience to decide on the particular part of the big data to be represented and group it according to its attributes with respect to other data snippets that share it. They will need to use sophisticated algorithms for the same, especially AI/ML that require the latest hardware to run with plenty of processing power. You, therefore, have to rely on a professional data visualization company to render the services.

The second issue is the lack of flexibility once the visualization has been created. New data may arrive requiring changes to already rendered images of data, but it may not be possible to accommodate the new pieces, especially if there are complex calculations involved. A new visualization process must be initiated in this case to add the newer data. The third issue is that the end user must have some knowledge on how to view and comprehend the visualization. It may not be easy to understand all the data represented in one at once, and the person may have a hard time relating the represented data with its corresponding factor, unlike with a simple text-table.

How is SunTec Data’s data visualization services different from the rest?

SunTec Data is one of the top industry players when it comes to data management operations. We have a reputed history of rendering related services for many years to some of the best companies in multiple industries. Our data visualization team is staffed with only the best in the field. They are well-trained with using the latest techniques and technologies that give the most beautiful and fact-filled visual pieces for your consumption. We are very particular about your preferences when it comes to the reporting, and will give you the results of your market research data analysis in a style that’s convenient for you. Our data visualization services can be had with market research and other data management services for a complete solutions experience, all under one roof. And we render these services at the lowest rates possible so that your budget won’t skyrocket like your growth. Our experts will give personalized guidance throughout and before the process as well to better involve you and your needs into the mix. Therefore, when you choose SunTec Data as your data visualization company, you're guaranteed to get the best experience possible along with getting the most digestible and appealing visualizations of your data.

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