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Data Scanning For An American Media Company

The client:

An American media company.

Client background:

The above mentioned media company is one of the largest in the United States of America. It also has subsidiaries in many countries across the world including India. This company owns what are some of the most popular TV channels in the United States. In recent years, some programs produced by its Indian subsidiary have become hugely popular with the Indian television audience. Besides running TV channels and making TV shows, this media company is also into producing and distributing films.

Project requirement:

To scan legal documents and convert the scanned images into the PDF format.

The challenges:

The solution:

The scanning and indexing services professionals at SunTec Data took charge of the project. A team of ten scanning and indexing services professionals set about scanning the documents on three high speed ADF scanners. All scanning was done on 1200 dpi. The scanned images were passed on to image editors who removed all spots and blemishes from them. Every scanned image was also double checked to ensure that its clarity and legibility are optimum, only then was it converted into the PDF format. After the images were converted into the PDF format, they were indexed in a manner that they could be easily searched and retrieved. The finished project, before being handed over to the client, was put through a thorough quality check.

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