Data Migration Services

Migrate Your Data Securely and Effectively With our Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services

Seamlessly and efficiently move your data while reducing the costs, complexity, and risks.

If not planned end-to-end, data migration can prove to be risky, difficult, and costly. The team of database experts at SunTec Data helps you "migrate your data right" from the start, working closely with your in-house team assessing the data, learning and applying the applicable business rules, and smoothly managing the project, overall.

Case In Point:

Organizations invest massive amounts of time, effort, and money in procuring and customizing new ERP / CRM systems, or acquiring new eCommerce platforms. However, the problem arises when the enterprises overlook the challenge of populating these systems with legacy data. Since the activity of data migration is left to the eleventh hour; it leads to dropping data from the legacy system right into the new system, resulting in lots of data leakage.

SunTec Data helps you with targeted data migration strategy and implementation, including:

We, at SunTec Data, are well-appointed with skilled data migration professionals with experience of having worked on several data migration projects, facilitating you with a smooth and systematic migration of data. Using a consolidated approach and applications, we enable you to move your legacy data without disrupting your operations and services.

Whether you need help transferring large volumes of data or just making data more actionable for sales and marketing purposes, we can support you all the way… not only moving your data from one platform to another but ensuring that the quality of your data remains intact and acquires some added value in the process.

CRM Data Migration

Whether you’re migrating data from VTiger to Salesforce, from SalesLogix to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or from GoldMine to SugarCRM, SunTec Data can work with you to ensure seamless data migration to your new CRM system.

ERP Data Migration

We help you transfer your entire database including data and database schema between all the leading enterprise resource planning systems.

Why Choose Our Data Migration Services?

There is more than one reason to choose us as your data migration services provider. In the following paragraphs, we have discussed a few reasons to build your confidence in us and ensure that we can be your data migration services partner.

Connect With Us For All Your Data Migration Needs!

An increase in client base and the size of your business positively impacts a lot of things but is an invitation to a heap of data in your database. Such growing data in your database should be managed at the earliest to ensure the quality of the data remains intact. Therefore professional data migration is required on specific platforms to maintain quality and accuracy. If done correctly, data migration also minimizes the risk that is involved in migrating the data including data loss and data theft. This is the only reason that we are for you to provide an economic and premium data migration experience that will not impact your business operations. We understand the data migration associated risks very well and therefore provide results that no other data migration service provider can ever achieve. We have been migrating the data for our customers in the market for the past 20+ years and are a renowned data migrating company. Many of our clients who have asked us to migrate their data have benefited a lot in terms of security, better accessibility, and that too without impacting their business operations.

If you want to get your data migrated to the desired platform and that too without putting your data into any sort of data migration associated risks, then you have chosen the correct service provider. Do not think even a second more and place an order with us to get an experience beyond your expectations for data migration. We have migrated the data of hundreds of our customers on numerous platforms, and the good thing was there were no unwanted incidents. For our cost-efficient services and high-quality results, our customers trust our services. Therefore, they come back to us whenever they need to migrate their data. If you also want to make us your partner for all your data migration needs, then here we are. You can write to us or give us a call to share your data migration requirements. Please drop us a free consultation request at, if you want to connect with us. Our experts will get in touch with you to understand your data migration requirements. You can even call us at +919311468458 to place your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any risk involved if I will outsource data migration services to third-party service providers?

No, there is no such risk involved if you are planning to opt for data migration services and want to outsource the data migration work to the professionals in the market. But there are a few thighs that you should keep in mind. One of them is you should choose your data migration service provider ensuring that it is a renowned name in the market. Also, you need to check whether the third-party vendor you are choosing as your data migration services partner holds the required set of skills and experience. Pick a service provider that has certified data migration experts to ensure that your data is migrated to the desired platform safely and efficiently.

Will you provide work samples if required?

Yes, we are always open to showing you samples of our work if the work samples can help you build trust in us. We will never charge you for the work samples that we will show you. We understand that customers need to see the sample work as it helps understand the work process and the quality delivered. To get the free samples from us, you need to bring up your sample requirement to us. We will migrate your sample data to provide you with what you need the most.

Is your data migration service costly?

We at SunTec Data have been providing data migration services for more than two decades. And the best thing about our premium data migration services is that you can get the value for the money you spent. Though we provide cost-efficient data migration services to our customers every time they come to us, the results are always high quality and consistent. This is why customers can safely migrate their crucial data to the required platforms by paying a very small fee. We can guarantee that our data migration services prices are unbeatable by any other service provider.

Can I track my ongoing project?

Yes, you can, as we believe in providing transparency and regular updates to our customers for the projects they have asked us to work upon. We provide the flexibility to our customers to determine in which phase their project is and what experts and professionals are handling their projects. To make the entire process easy for our clients, we align a dedicated project manager to them that is their first point of contact for every information that they want for the project or the process.

Why is there a need to outsource data migration services to professionals like SunTec Data?

Data migration is a time taking activity that consumes a lot of your time from your regular schedule. Such activity can even keep you away from the businesses that need your presence and can impact your business growth in one way or another. Therefore, it is a wise decision to always outsource the data migration services to the market professionals like SunTec Data.

By opting for our premium data migrations services, you can get assured that your crucial data will be migrated to the required platforms without facing any unwanted risks like a data breach, data loss, etc.

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