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When enterprise data is the building block of your organization, you need to be confident that you can rely on the data you have in your database to script its success. SunTec Data can give you that confidence through our bespoke data audit services that will eradicate incorrect and incomplete data, ridding your database of data that would hinder your progress and clearing the path for the same.

Irrespective of the quality of your database, we can support you in improving and enhancing its value. We start right from the point of entry of data, regardless of the type and number of input streams. We can quickly and accurately verify, validate, and rectify all inaccurate and non-standard data and information, no matter how complex your documents are. Our data audit services extend to include pictorial and audio data as well, providing you with a complete selection of processes that enhance the inherent value of your data.

Your market research data will get extensive focus from our side, as we know and have what it takes to comb through the vast quantities of data that comes with the process and cut out the unwanted portions from it. As a multi-faceted data audit company, we combine the expertise from our various services to better deliver on our data auditing for every type of enterprise data, ensuring that maximum value is extracted from it when implemented in its cleansed and quantified form.

Our data audit report helps you in comprehensively analyzing the quality of your database, and drawing attention to incomplete and inaccurate business data for the purpose it is meant to be used.

Our data audit services also meticulously conducts an initial data analysis and accordingly creates a sequence of data quality scorecards, defining data quality business rules that’s appropriate for your data. In the process of applying business rules for ensuring data quality, we analyze, cleanse and standardize, match, merge and/or de-duplicate, distilling the data to its purest and most actionable form that will elevate the nature of the company’s operations and its stature in the market.

Making Your Data Right for Business With Our Data Audit Services

Implementing the steps subsequent to auditing your data, would lead you to clean quality data that your business needs, making your sales and marketing activities more cost and result effective. We will manage your customer data, determining not only the missing, incomplete or invalid postal codes or other such details, but also new data elements that can be added to your file. To enable you to greatly improve your prospect targeting, we can help you add key customer attributes and classifications, comprising household income, lifestyle, age, occupation, business type, size, etc.

Expedited, Excellent & Effective Results From The Best Data Audit Company

Undertaking a data quality audit with SunTec Data gives you a clear picture of the quality of your data and identifies the gaps that need to be plugged in. We can quickly audit the completeness, accuracy, and consistency of your data, and accordingly make recommendations including:

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Let your customers and employees experience the empowerment granted by enterprise data that is clear, precise, and actionable. Outsource data audit services to SunTec Data and enable your company to conquer every growth milestone, even the seemingly impossible ones.

With our complete roster of excellent data management services, you will have your every need covered at a single point of contact. We not only offer data auditing but also market research services and data coding as well. They will be handled by our well trained experts who are not only familiar with the sophisticated technologies and techniques but are adroit at it. They bring in their years of experience into every piece of your organization’s data, filtering out all but the most valuable portions of it. Your database will, thus, be enriched with only the most useful data that’s well organized into relevant categories for ease of retrieval whenever required.

The benefits of having us as your data audit company doesn’t end there either. Our association with the top global players across industries has led us to become one of our own, and we give your business that special touch to raise its standards and brand image across market segments. Our experts will always be available to guide you throughout the audit process should you find that you need their help.

They will discuss the complete project pipeline, including the minutiae of the data, turning the partnership into a collaborative one with your interests at its core. Our client-oriented approach means that your input will be considered at every step of the process, tailoring the final output to suit your particular objectives.

And everything will be performed in a friendly, cost-effective, time-bound, and secure manner. It is what has made us a reputed provider whose quality and professionalism is always vouched for by our clients. We have always delivered our best to satisfy our customers, and that’s the guarantee we offer to you as well when you finalize your partnership with us.

Why not get in touch with us to discover how we can help you with your data audit? We are also an easy email away on Inform us of your data audit challenges in your mail and we will get back to you at short notice on how they can be turned into better customer relationship and organization operation opportunities.


What are the steps involved in data auditing?

Data auditing is an exhaustive process, requiring auditors to have excellent knowledge of the field of operation as well as a knack for identifying flaws in databases quickly and accurately. They usually follow five steps to effectively conduct an audit of any type of data. The first is figuring out what is present in your organization’s database, as it's only after knowing what’s present there can they decide what to do. They will recognize your data assets, such as CRM, POS, your many marketing channels, inventory and employee database, customer information database, third-party databases, etc. They will then figure out where exactly all of the relevant data is located so that they can proceed with collating and figuring out where to place it according to its characteristics. Then, important members of the organization concerned with the respective data types are interviewed to gather details about the quality and placement of data they use. This may extend to interviewing customers to re-gather market research information should the need arise. They’ll then organize the data based on relevance to the process and organization overall, with the most relevant type gaining a higher value and priority and being placed accordingly. Finally, the data usage is tracked and monitored to determine how effectively it’s being used, as even valuable data that’s misused or unused is a waste of resources. Any flaws identified during the process are corrected in the most efficient and resourceful manner to yield a clean and effective database in every case.

What’s the difference between data analysis and data auditing?

An organization’s data is usually in a raw format with numerous faults and redundancies. If left unchecked, these flaws will lead to inaccurate or even counterproductive outcomes once the data is used. Auditing helps identify such inconsistencies and inaccuracies that are harmful. Data auditors will gauge the possible value that a chunk of data will add to a given purpose for which it is to be used. After assessing the impact of the data set, they’ll go about removing the portions that can cause adverse effects or are simply worthless for the said purpose. This profiling will give an idea of how badly that poor quality data can impact the overall business performance and profitability, not to mention customer relationship and employee engagement. Analysis, on the other hand, deals with the processing of the data using various sophisticated algorithms and mathematical techniques. It is the set of processes that eventually convert the raw data into actionable information that’s visualized and presented to the client in exhaustive and comprehensive reports. Hence, data auditing is a precursor to data analysis as it will ensure that only the most useful pieces of data enter the processing stage, making the entire analysis leaner and more efficient, thus saving on cost, time, and preventing potential losses.

What corrective measures are taken to rectify discovered flaws during audits?

When data audit services are performed by a quality agency, numerous data flaws of different types are bound to crop up. They each may or may not have different causes and sources, and must be tackled in a focussed manner as each will require a unique approach to correct. The most common types of data issues found during audits are duplicate data, incomplete data, inaccurate data, irrelevant data, and malicious data. Duplicate data occurs when there is poor communication and coordination between the various authorized personnel using that data. They may each create their own copies of it and save it in the same database. Ditto with glitchy software that’s using the data. Deduplication is used to correct the issue, where experts use dedicated software and their knowledge of the data to merge or delete copies of the same data documents. Incomplete data arises due to problems during the data collection phase, as well as improper rendering of data management actions. Experts have to trace the data back to its origin and find out its complete form to rectify this problem, or run the data management process again to get the complete result. Inaccurate data is mostly a post-processing problem, with some instances of it coming from improper data collection. It is corrected by reverification from source or by rerunning the process that resulted in it in the first place. Irrelevant data is mostly data that is useless to a particular process but may be useful elsewhere. It is the result of wrongful categorization and storage of data, and is corrected by its placement in the correct category or through pre-process assessment. The most harmful type is malicious data that is in most cases wilfully inserted into the database to cause damage to it and the business at large in some way. It comes from poor data security measures and is corrected by the implementation of adequate data security measures. Sometimes, it might be too late and the discovery of such data happens after it has caused undetected or unforeseen damage. Then, data recovery practices are to be initiated followed by the removal of the malicious data.

How can SunTec Data help me best with my data audit requirements?

SunTec Data is a world-class data audit services provider that has established a name for itself among the top companies across industries for its uncompromised delivery of quality for each project. Our personnel are qualified to handle all types and loads of data, identifying errors of every possible type quickly and without fail. We constantly keep pace with the ever changing nature of the technologies used for the process, incorporating the very latest of each at the earliest to give you the edge. We always strive to innovate in every aspect of our services, adding newer, more effective features and methodologies to add greater value to your audited data. Our multi-pronged approach to rendering our auditing services draws in the best expertise from our various other data-related services like data coding, resulting in an impeccable data set that has undergone the most rigorous audit possible. And we deliver it all within deadlines and budget, while maintaining our promise of quality throughout. Once you choose SunTec Data for your data auditing requirements, you needn’t go elsewhere, and our performance and customer relationship approaches will only have you keep coming back to us, just like the rest of our clients.

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