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Big data is more than a buzzword of the tech industry; it is the everyday reality that every organization faces today in the digital age. Every department is both a source and consumer of data, with some going outside of the organization for its requirements, such as market research by the marketing and sales department. The constant stream of incoming and outgoing enterprise data undergoes a crucial intermediate stage i.e. data analysis and management. And data analysis solutions are at the heart of making this intermediary step possible.

Enterprise data analysis consists of numerous procedures performed on the data to convert it from a raw heap that’s disorganized or partially organized to valuable, intelligible, and actionable information that will act as the very core of future business strategy creation, be it operations or marketing.

To receive such important insights into the data present in the database means the data analysis services performed on them must be meticulous, exhaustive, and innovative while sticking to the time limit within which it must occur. The data must also have undergone some preliminary operations on it, such as data coding, to help make it more organized and gain quantitative value from its raw, qualitative state. There is also the need to have it organized under various pertinent categories or ease of identification and retrieval. All of the above require a professional data analysis company to make it a possibility.

Data Analysis Services offered by SunTec Data can be leveraged for projects of any volume and complexity. Interested in learning how we can help you?

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Banking on our wide experience and deep understanding in visualizing and understanding the complex and large chunks of data sets, we keep you covered right from analyzing a single Excel file to dealing with terabytes of complex open linked data, validating the data to creating reports and presentation materials. Bringing-in experience from diverse domains and specialties, our cross-functional data analysis services team can help you with every aspect of data analysis.

Data Analysis Services that we primarily offer to enterprises and institutions include:

Data Cleansing and Validation

Movement Profile Analysis

Frequent Location Profiles

Uncovering Deviations and Exceptions

Report Production

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SunTec Data: Your Best Choice To Outsource Data Analysis Services To

The market keeps moving ahead all the time, and it’s a real chase for any business to keep up with its intricacies and changing tastes. Thus, the market research data gathered by you will become worthless if not acted upon by a reputed data analysis company. To that end, you needn’t look any further than SunTec Data. We have everything it takes to give you the most comprehensive and actionable report from a thoroughly conducted data analysis.

Ours is a globally recognized brand in the data management services industry, and we’ve had the pleasure of serving some of the top companies in the world, including Fortune 500 names. Our reputation has been built on our dedication to provide impeccable data analysis services to a wide swathe of industries, ranging from retail to medical. We cover every type of data analysis needed due to our top-notch expertise in the field, the result of having top-quality experienced, and motivated analysts who won’t settle for anything but the best outcome. They have the very best and latest in AI/ML technology at their disposal, enabling them to deliver their services in a time-bound and accurate manner so that you won’t have to lose out on the first-to-market advantage.

As a valued data analysis company, we value your data’s privacy and security. We have, therefore, incorporated the best protocols and practices, along with the most sophisticated software, for maximum data security. Your data will only be available to those you authorize.

And we provide all of the above data analysis solutions, along with market research and other relevant data management services, in attractive and affordable packages that are customizable to your needs. This way, we ensure that you won’t miss out on getting the best services while keeping your budget in check.

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What is the difference between data coding and data analysis wrt market research?

Market research data processing involves a lot of steps, with data coding starting it off followed by data analysis. The data that is received after conducting surveys is raw and very qualitative, meaning it’s of a subjective nature. It needs to be converted into data of quantitative nature to be analyzed, which is where data coding comes in. Experts will select a part of the subjective response and use that for referencing the entire sentence. They may even add their own phrase based on their experience and the essence of the data. Then a numerical value is assigned to each of those snippets and stored for easy reference and retrieval. This is where data analysis services come in. The stored, codified data is run through many processes like filtering and verification, exceptional data recognition, frequent location, and movement profile analysis, etc., to extract the information about the subject that’s present in it. Once completed, the extracted information is visualized and presented to the business that’s seeking it in the form of exhaustive reports that may or may not be customized according to the requirements of the client. Thus, by the application of two different processes in data coding and data analysis, raw market research data gets converted into valuable information that a business needs for strategizing and implementation.

What are the most commonly applied data analysis techniques?

A full-fledged data analysis company like ours will perform every applicable data analysis process on your market research data to give the outcome that provides a comprehensive overview of your target market. And this effort is necessary because of the complex nature of the task and the large quantities of data that get collected even in simple survey situations. These analysis techniques offer the best results and are thus most often used by experts. The first on the list is descriptive data analysis, which as the name suggests, is used to correctly describe the present data. The raw data is organized into groups with relevant factors in order to bring out any current patterns. Next is diagnostic data analysis, where researchers use complex algorithms on data sets to compare and contrast them, thus identifying the frequency of correlation and/or causal relations between them, eventually understanding the reason behind the results of the survey. Conjoint and regression analysis, along with probability analysis, all fall under this category. The next on the data analysis services list is predictive analysis, that is used to recognize possible outcomes. Analysts apply complex machine learning algorithms to available data sets to help express the relationships that may exist between the many numerical variables. The most sophisticated of all is prescriptive analysis. IT is similar to predictive in that algorithms are used to predict future outcomes. But the difference is that prescriptive analysis is meant to mitigate future problems and also take advantage of future opportunities. Thus, it goes beyond speculation and actually factors in actions that could be taken to yield the desired results. A model of the outcomes based on each of the sets of actions taken is generated.

How is the data used for analysis filtered or selected?

Market research by its very nature is an exhaustive process, comprising hundreds, if not thousands of responses to surveys and other research instruments. The data collected, is thus, of humongous quantity and a mixture of subjective and objective types. Performing data analysis services on such a large quantity of data is a very resource-intensive and inefficient process, as unwanted data may also get into the mix, degrading the quality of the output. Therefore, the data collected is filtered first to remove the needless parts of it and increase the overall value of the final output. The sorting process starts with defining the scope, or specification of the data requirement. Aligning the goals of the survey with the business’ objectives will guide the responses gathered in the direction of gaining the most valuable data. The parameters for measurement like time, currency, etc., are decided upon and selected as fixed and variable according to the feasibility of flexibility for each. Doing so eliminates a lot of unwanted data from getting collected in the first place. The selection of data sources comes next. Limiting the number of sources may prevent some data from entering but will also stop a lot of junk data from making it through. The best compromise between the two is decided by the experts at your data analysis company. Data processing then comes into the picture. Here, the data is cross-checked, and irrelevant, spurious, duplicate, and corrupted data gets removed. The remaining data is organized into suitable categories, with further definition coming from coding. You are now left with structured and valuable data that can be acted upon by the analysis processes.

What makes SunTec Data the go-to data analysis company?

Your business needs valuable information gained from equally valuable data that has been processed most meticulously, on-time, and within budget. Data analysis is one of, if not, the most important part of that process, converting raw heaps of data into useful, intelligible, and actionable information that will form the vital component of your market acquisition strategy, besides any operation one you may use it for. Only the best data analysis services can give you such a final report that’s packed with valuable and resourceful information about your target market. SunTec Data is just such a company. Our data analysis experts are handpicked to have the best skill sets and intuition to most intelligently approach the entire process, from the market research phase to the final visualization and reporting. They are well-versed with the latest in AI/ML technologies that forms the backbone of data analysis. Their expertise and experience makes them capable of performing even the most complex of data analysis techniques like the prescriptive and predictive analysis. We are stacked with such professionals so that you’ll never have to face any delay in getting your much-wanted data analysis services done within deadlines. Our global presence is the result of our uncompromising desire to serve the best players of each industry, making us one of the best in ours, giving our clients world-class services each time. And we accomplish it all at an appealing and affordable price point that leaves you with room in your budget to get more and move further ahead of the competition. Thus, when you outsource data analysis services to us, you’ll bringing on a partner that will provide those services as per your requirement, guide you throughout the process if needed, and keep your data safe and secure with the best in encryption and security practices to give you the edge you need to race away from the competition towards better market understanding and capture.

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