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Data today is, to enterprises, a gift that keeps on giving returns in terms of increased revenue, smoother operations, greater alignment with market interests, and improved ties with customers, clients, and vendors. It is behind the critical business decisions made everyday at every level of the organization, giving insights into how effective their work has been thus far and what they must do to get better revenue and lowered risks. Like with any gift, analyzed enterprise data is at its most palatable to the target personnel when it’s presented in such a manner i.e. when the reporting is done in a customized manner. SunTec Data’s custom reporting solutions are at the forefront of transforming processed data into intuitive, eye-catching, and detailed reports that combine every piece of valuable information you could need to steer your business in the direction of success.

We simplify the complexities that come with large scales of enterprise data, most notably data pertaining to its market research efforts, into an easy to understand collection of charts, tables, graphs, etc., condensing the value-rich portions of it into a compact set of documents. Keeping pace with the growing demand for processed data reporting as your company scales and increases its data throughout is not a challenge for us as we have the capability to support you regardless of your size and speed of growth. Our report generation will continue to hand you your custom reports within deadlines and with no compromise on quality to aid in your growth efforts.

We specialize in offering solutions corresponding to your custom reporting and data intelligence requirements. We gather, integrate, analyze, and detect risks and opportunities, and present business information in multiple formats. Whether you want a pdf, a spreadsheet, powerpoint presentation, still images, complex graphics, animation, or any combination of these, the results of your data’s analysis will be delivered to you accordingly.

In a fast-paced world that is in a constant state of flux, critical business decisions oftentimes are to be made in the moment. Such decisions that can turnaround a company’s trajectory at short notice requires turnkey real-time information. SunTec Data is readily at hand to provide the solution in the form of real-time report generation. We deliver tailor-made intelligence reports related to customer profiling and segmentation, data auditing and analysis, web analysis and financial analysis and reporting, etc. We are experienced in pulling out and integrating data from various data sources comprising ERP and CRM applications, accounting programs, etc., into custom reports – generated specifically for your needs.

And we ensure that these are free of inaccuracies to prevent possible pitfalls from their utilization during those crucial decision-making moments.

Take a look at some of our custom reporting services that have received consistent support and demand from our clients.

We have experience developing business intelligence and custom reports from the following software packages (including, but not limited to):

Here is a list of database systems we are adept at – for developing business intelligence and custom reports:

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SunTec Data is the custom reporting company that can bridge the knowledge gap your business has when it comes to fulfilling its objectives. We provide the complete collection of data management services that your business can need, starting from conducting market research and collating its data to performing the variety of data-related operations on your database to render it a truly valuable asset to build a flourishing future.

Our custom reporting forms an essential component in our quest to serve you in the best possible manner. Our report generation practices are a confluence of years of experience in the industry gained by serving the very top players in every type of industry, meticulous planning and execution of every report generation step for maximum efficiency, and our experts’ zeal and dedication towards what they do.

We march lock step with the innovations that are constantly shaping the reporting process and the industry at large, particularly on the technological front, so that when we do provide our services, you are guaranteed to get the very best the industry has to offer. The utilization of AI/ML is a staple in our operations to expedite the processing and result generation time, while maintaining accuracy and lower operational costs. It will be the force behind every real-time report generation you will require, thus giving you its every benefit at every moment. The visualization can be availed in the form of dynamic, appealing, and detailed animation that constantly displays the right information using standard and abstract mechanisms.

With us as the driving force behind your enterprise data operations and reporting, you are guaranteed to always have intelligent and actionable insights into your target market, your operational and marketing strategies, and many other aspects of your business. You’ll also be better positioned to adapt to possible future scenarios by preempting the challenges and strategizing accordingly. WIth our reporting prowess by your side, you’ll be able to model and simulate the trajectories of your business, your competitors and the market at large with utmost clarity. And it will all be yours in record time, unquestionable accuracy, and low cost.

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What are the main components of a custom report?

The complexity of processed enterprise data with all its nuances needs to be presented in a concise and appealing manner in reports to be worth the effort put into gathering and processing it. While custom reports may come with the customizable component embedded, there are some fundamental components that are absolutely required to represent that processed data. The three main components that make up any report are its dimensions, metrics, and visualization. There is also the optional report filter that can be used whenever required. Dimensions usually refer to the number of dimensions that are used to present the information. Most reports contain information presented in 2 dimensional formats as it’s the best compromise between processing required, cost, time, and ease of use. Sometimes, 3-dimensional models can also be used. Some others can refer to parameters like city of measure, the type of browser used, etc., as well. Metrics are the actual things being presented in the reports like bounce rate, session time, page views, etc. Some may even refer to the units used to measure these parameters, such as time, length, etc. Visualization is the choice of the chart, graph, graphic, etc., that is used to present the data. Real-time reports typically use animation to better adapt to the changing inputs. Report filter is the selection of the above that is opted for when viewing the report. The user can choose the type of data being viewed in a given visualization or session.

Which is the best visualization to use?

Visualizations are behind the appeal of modern custom report generation. They convert otherwise tedious and monotonous looking information into visually appealing and easily consumable representations that even novices can understand. There are a variety of visualizations available to choose from that suit different needs and purposes. They can also be customized further for greater viewing value. They each also have their set of merits and demerits that make them capable of handling certain scenarios better than others. Bar graphs are so commonly used that they have come to represent reporting itself. They showcase the required information in easy to understand horizontal or vertical bars. They are very helpful when it comes to comparing different data sets spread across time or other similar parameters. They can even vary to show real-time data. Their drawback is their inability to correctly portray non-linear quantities, and they can only show a fixed value for each bar at any given moment. Line graphs, more commonly referred to as graphs, are the other popular option. Their greatest strength is their flexibility, allowing the professional to represent continuous variations in values of a given metric. They are also a great asset in real-time animated imagery. Their drawback is they can’t cover anomalous data points and they link only those falling in the average path. Pie-carts are the next popular method of representation, using slices of a circular disc that are proportional to the share of data in the overall set. Their ability to draw comparisons is their biggest strength, with clear depictions of each type. Color coding allows for even better representation. Their downside is that they can only represent related data sets, and also share the problem of only being able to represent fixed, instantaneous values at any moment similar to bar graphs. There are many others that are used, and even unique ones designed for specific cases or clients. The circumstance, budget, data type, etc., determine the best choice of the lot.

What causes missing data in custom reports?

Enterprise data always tends to be in large quantities, making its analysis difficult. While it’s extremely rare, some data can go missing from the final report. There are numerous reasons behind this. The choice of filter chosen could interfere with the correct data point addition process. The scopes of the dimensions and metrics may be off, cutting out some portions of the graphs. Using a different view to share the report with different users can also result in the truncation of data. Using one too many dimensions in a report can cut off some data points too. Technical glitches in the software used can miss accounting for some data points. The professional may not be skilled enough to recognize the need to add some data set, or they might have other reasons to introduce human error into the mix. The processing power of the client’s computer may not be enough to show intensive real-time graphics, removing some data points in the process. The analytics and report generation practice of the outsourcing agency may be faulty, leading to data drops and leaks. The list goes on.

How will SunTec Data ensure best custom report solutions for me?

SunTec Data is an established professional data management services provider with a penchant and reputation for delivering outstanding results in the domain. Our custom reporting services are sought after by the biggest names in every industry due to their versatility, accuracy, security, cost-effectiveness, and turn around times. Our years of experience and skilled workforce delivers on every type of data that they encounter, digging down to its finest detail and extracting maximum value for the best insights that it can provide for your company. Our reports include these insights in their most detailed and visually-stunning forms, regardless of the format you want it delivered in. Our state-of-the-art technology usage helps deliver these results in a time bound, accurate, and low cost manner. We can also provide real-time reports irrespective of the scale and complexity involved. Thus, with us, you are assured of the best reporting services you can get at every price point.

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