Data Segmentation and Data Profiling Services

Customer data profiling and segmentation could hold the key to analyzing the customer characteristics and value, pattern in their changing behaviors, factors that inspire people to respond positively to your promotional messages as against the elements that make people drift apart from your brand, and eventually putting you in an advantageous position to respond and tailor your marketing efforts to remain competitive.

Data segmentation and data profiling services from SunTecData will help you enrich your insight into your customers, consequently facilitating you to make more informed decisions in your effort to achieve enhanced marketing performance.

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There are many ways we can help you segment your data, including:
  • Geography or Territory – for instance where in the world was a specific product or service purchased or subscribed
  • Demography – based on details like age, sex, occupation, business size, turnover, industry type, etc.
  • Psychographics – segregating data based on lifestyle or beliefs
  • Socio-cultural factors – for example class

Data Profiling & Segmentaion offers you numerous opportunities to capitalize on, based on facts, like:

  • The growth potential of the segment
  • The state of competition in the segment
  • The kind of profit scope the segment holds
  • Size of the segment
  • Manner in which the segment fits within the current spectrum
    of the company’s offerings, its vision and strategic direction


Profiling your customers enables you to target the right prospects, employing the right media and channels.
  • For customer data profiling, we first segment your customers based on the value they bring-in to your business.
  • Subsequently, to enrich the segmentation and customer understanding, we append the external profile data including business/consumer geo-demographics, market data, lifestyle, census information, etc.
  • To identify, for instance, the ‘best’ type of customer, we compute a score by statistically analyzing customer transaction data to determine people’s spending habits, their purchasing frequency, the kind of items they buy, the area they live, their life stage, key factors that attracted them to your company, etc. We, then add the external ‘profile’ data, using the Postcode (or ZIP code).
  • Making use of geographic analysis techniques, we can locate your existing customers on a map – organizing by value – and create a ‘heat map’ to ascertain which geographies to target to find more people of the same/ similar profile.

Benefits of Segmentation and Data Profiling Services

  • Better targeting and superior campaign performance and metrics
  • Improved capabilities for modelling and analytics
  • Bolstered relevance and more timely contacts and initiatives
  • Groundwork for product development / launch

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