Data Audit

Irrespective of the quality of your database, we can support you in improving and enhancing its value.

We can quickly and easily rectify, verify and validate all inaccurate and non-standard data and information, no matter how complex your documents are.

A data audit report helps you in comprehensively analyzing the quality of your database, and drawing attention to incomplete and inaccurate business data.

At SunTecData, we meticulously conduct an initial data analysis and accordingly create a sequence of data quality scorecards – defining data quality business rules – appropriate for your data. In the process of applying business rules for ensuring data quality, we analyze, cleanse and standardize, match, merge and/or de-duplicate.

Making Your Data Right for Business

Implementing the steps subsequent to auditing your data, would lead you to clean quality data that your business needs, making your sales and marketing activities more cost and result effective. We will manage your customer data determining not only the missing, incomplete or invalid postal codes or other such details, but also new data elements that can be added to your file. To enable you to greatly improve your prospect targeting, we can help you add key customer attributes and classifications, comprising household income, lifestyle, age, occupation, business type and size, etc.

Speedy and Effective Results

Undertaking a data quality audit with SunTecData, gives you a clear picture of the quality of your data, and identify the gaps that need to be plugged in. We can quickly audit the completeness, accuracy and consistency of your data, and accordingly make recommendations including:

  • Structuring the data
  • Making data formats consistent
  • Populating the data fields
  • Matching rates
  • Managing address quality
  • Verifying postal code
  • Including/appending telephone number
  • Covering /validating fax number
  • Matching and de-duplicating
  • Tracing and removing gone away businesses

Our host of satisfied customers from around the world readily testifies to the superior performance of our data quality consultants and professionals. Why not get in touch with us to discover how we can help you with your data audit?