Data Analysis

Data Analysis Services offered by SunTecData can be leveraged for projects of any volume and complexity. Interested in learning how we can help you?
  • We can profile and segment customers and marketplaces
  • We can give you an insight into the geographical spread of your customers
  • We can help you identify common data patterns
  • We can help you analyse quantitative data in multiple ways
  • We can assort data in a way that allows you to easily target markets
  • We can provide you with data in a wide variety of formats

To learn more about our methodology and services, please with us.

Banking on our wide experience and deep understanding in visualizing and understanding complex and large chunks of data sets, we keep you covered right from analysing a single Excel file to dealing with terabytes of complex open linked data, validating the data to creating reports and presentation materials. Bringing-in experience from diverse domains and specialities, our cross-functional analysis team can help you with every aspect of data analysis.

Data Analysis Services that we primarily offer to enterprises and institutions, include:
Data Cleansing and Validation
  • Cleaning and fixing raw data
  • Formatting and standardizing
  • Validating data entries to ensure the accuracy of time and location
Movement Profile Analysis
  • Movement profile deals with identifying patterns of a target vis-à-vis geographical areas, and time
  • Modes of travel/ transportation
Frequent Location Profiles
  • Identifying locations that are frequented by a target visitor during a specific time period
  • Profiling neighbouring addresses and businesses
Uncovering Deviations and Exceptions
  • Recognizing breaks in established patterns
  • One-off trip profiles
Report Production
  • Documenting the outcomes and inferences
  • Supporting charts and graphics

Based on your project’s data analysis needs, and source data that you share with us, we can quickly generate a sample analysis for you. For more information on our approach and methodology for Data Analysis Services from SunTecData, please contact us at