Image Annotation and Recognition Services

Power your computer vision models with ML-assisted tools and high-quality image data, meticulously tagged by expert annotators.

Image Annotation Services for Machine Learning

Training autonomous vehicles, drones, and other computer vision solutions to interpret images as well as videos with the help of high-quality annotated data is critical for a successful AI/ML model. However, besides quality, the potential of an AI/ML training data set is largely determined by the scale and speed of annotation, data security, and mitigation of bias. Basis this, it is of sheer importance to employ accurate image annotation while incorporating all these elements to create a data set that’s relevant for any particular planned project.

Unfortunately, in absence of skilled annotators, organizations often end up facing a set of challenges such as capturing precise context of any image, attentive comprehension and attention to detail, face recognition and subsequent analysis, maintaining security compliances among others. On the whole, this process doesn’t just demand high precision and knowledge but demands time and investment; which is why is makes more business sense to outsource image annotation services to an established partner.

Outsource Image Annotation Services to SunTec Data: Just the Partner You Need

If you are one of those who has been looking for an experienced, reliable data annotation service provider, your search ends here. With over 20+ years of experience, we are highly-equipped with ML-assisted tools to power all unique use-cases across diverse industries with high-quality image datasets.

Once you partner with us, your job is to focus on other important aspects of your business while our experts annotate & tag images with corresponding labels & keywords for easy categorization, helping in various object tagging tasks that your organization might need. We work on every image with focus & attention to ensure every pixel is covered with perfection.

By offering the right mix of industry-best practices, advanced tools and a project-specific plan of execution, we have served global clients in multiple business domains and have partnered with them to deliver high-end image annotation services at affordable prices.

Types of Image Annotation Services

Types of Image Annotation

Image Recognition using 2D Bounding Boxes

With extensive experience into diverse domains like healthcare, agriculture, autonomous vehicles, eCommerce, traffic control, to name a few, we model our bounding box annotation workflow with your custom requirements to locate objects of interest. Our annotation experts can draw & label 2D bounding boxes around necessary objects in your images or videos to improve object detection in autonomous vehicles, drones, traffic detection etc.

3D Bounding Boxes/Cuboids

3D cuboid annotation requires annotators to draw boxes around images in order to depict length, width, and estimated depth. Leverage our 3D cuboid image annotation services to train object recognition in autonomous vehicles, augmented reality models, and other complex computer vision solutions.

FSL & Semantic Segmentation

We employ our proprietary platform and tools to meticulously annotate every pixel of an image into the segments needed by your computer vision algorithms. This is an exceptionally focus intensive & arduous annotation that SunTec specializes in.

Image Recognition using Landmark Annotation

We adeptly use our landmark annotation skills to label anatomical or structural points of interest in your images & videos. In addition to this, the team provides key-point annotation or pose-point annotation for human figure detection. All this together aids in security & surveillance at airports & other crowded spaces like shopping malls.

Polyline, Line & Spline Annotation

Specifically meant for self-driving cars, polyline & spline annotation helps detect lanes, sidewalks and boundaries on roads as well as highways. With our expertise in line annotation services, we have fueled several vehicle perception models with accurate lane navigation to simplify navigation for autonomous vehicles.

Image recognition using Polygon Annotation

Polygon annotations are most useful for training object localization & detection algorithms as well as annotating asymmetrical objects. By plotting points on an object’s vertices through polygon annotation, we can define its exact edges while ensuring concentrated tagging and labeling.

Text Annotation

To make text strings and keywords coherent to ML/AI models, we offer multi-language text annotation services with metadata labeling. Apart from tagging text from different images into predetermined classifiers, our annotators add a suitable description along with the annotated text to facilitate a faster and unambiguous data visualization model.

High Quality Image Annotation Services by SunTec Data

Quality is truly at the centre of everything we do at SunTec; for which, we rigorously follow a well-executed process so that nothing falls out of place.

End-to-End Image Recognition Services to Help You Revamp Your Data Pipeline

Our data annotators work hard to build high-quality datasets for your ML models at an efficient cost, scale, and speed. Speak to our experts and see your business undergoing change with our online image annotation technology.

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