Video Annotation Services

Improve your machine learning models through classified, localized, and segmented video datasets.

Video Annotation Services for Machine Learning

Video annotation plays a vital role in training computer vision models by building ground truth video datasets for object detection and tracking frame by frame in a sequence of images.

However, breaking a video into minute frames and annotating each with the right metadata is painstaking and labor-intensive. It's even more challenging than image annotation because of the inherent semantic complexities, volume of data, hundreds of possible classifiers, and data set quality compliances, among other things. Thus, it make better business sense to outsource video annotation services for maximum efficiency and minimum expenses.

SunTec Data – Your Outsourcing Partner for Video Annotation Services

At SunTec, we’ve spent decades accumulating the experience and technology necessary to serve all of your video annotation needs.

Our professional annotators and data specialists understand the most significant challenges that video annotation brings along and combat them with the right set of tools, techniques, and expertise. By employing structured and streamlined frameworks, we create large volumes of meaningful and accurate annotations while preserving efficiency.

In addition to frame-by-frame analysis of videos, object detection, recognition, and metadata annotation, our annotation services for computer vision models also facilitate rapid scaling. We are certified ISO 9001:2015 for Data Quality and ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security, which helps ensure smooth integration and finest quality services without compromising on confidentiality.

A Comprehensive Range of Video Annotation Solutions for Computer Vision

Video Annotation Solutions

Object Localization

We use various voice, text, and image annotation techniques to locate the most visible individual objects and their boundaries from every frame in a video. Our rigorous quality assessment further ensures that every frame of your data is accurately tagged and classified.

Activity Tracking and Pose Estimation

Understanding human movement in videos is a massive step for deep learning computer vision models. We annotate and label human poses making it easier for machines to easily detect human activity and interactions in various situations. Our experts employ agile methodologies and advanced tools to accurately annotate the facial expressions of humans and how they pose while performing different actions.

Labor Time Reduction

Our annotators follow the industry-best practices, adapt to your model’s learning environment, and utilize powerful annotation techniques (bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, polygons, and landmark) to save time and effort while maintaining highest quality standards.

Objects Tracking for Self-Driving Cars

This involves providing an in-depth visual perception to autonomous/self-driving vehicles to help them recognize various objects like street lights, signboards, traffic lanes, signals, pedestrians, and vehicles moving on the road. We use advance video annotation tool computer vision to annotate videos frame-by-frame precisely helping AI developers to build a ground truth model.

Video Annotation: The SunTec Advantage

We don’t just offer the best-in-class video annotation services for computer vision but display the right mix of expert skills, high quality and competitive pricing.

Upgrade Your Training Data Now with our high quality video labeling services

With over two decades of industry experience, SunTec has assumed the mantle of a reputed service provider in a wide array of data, technology, and digital domains. Our video annotation services are brought into action by machine learning engineers and supported by a rich set of tools, labels, and well-documented APIs. In addition to essential video annotation services, we also offer live video annotation on-demand while maintaining the best turnaround time.

Leverage the skills and proficiency of our experts to feed your deep learning models with sufficient training data that’s accurate, fast and exclusive. To know more, get in touch with us now.

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