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Precisely labeling objects in videos is complex due to various reasons, including overlapping events, the objects of interest being in motion, identification of classifiers, data volume, and necessary quality compliances. Moreover, data needs to be annotated frame by frame while maintaining accuracy up to milliseconds. Reasonably, effective data annotation requires expertise and the right technical approach; SunTec Data offers that to businesses with video annotation services for computer vision models.

Our video annotation company delivers world-class training data for computer vision models. We use advanced labeling tools to execute accurate pixel-based segmentation and add metadata to every label. With an experienced workforce and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we cater to diverse industries and enterprise use cases. Outsource video annotation services to our team and get high-quality training datasets quickly and cost-effectively.

Our comprehensive suite of video labeling solutions

We live up to our reputation as a leading video annotation service provider through a team of subject matter experts and the industry's best tools. Our team builds accurate training datasets for your computer vision models through the following services.

Bounding boxes Bounding boxes

This is one of the most common video annotation methods. Our data annotation experts draw boxes around objects to separate them from the rest and add labels and metadata. Depending on the type of video, we can use 2D and 3D bounding box annotation to create the best outcomes. This enables easy identification and classification of objects during the machine learning process. This approach finds wide application in retail, robotics, and autonomous vehicles industries.

Polygon annotation Line & polyline annotation

Our professionals utilize a polyline annotation approach and draw a precise contour around objects in every video frame. In addition, line annotations for AI models help experts mark boundaries in video footage to amplify the degree of object detection. Line annotation is used for road surface marking and lane detection for autonomous vehicles accurately. Polyline annotation is utilized for accurate path detection on roads and to train warehouse robots.

Keypoints icon Keypoint annotation

Our team of video labeling experts connect individual points to outline object and shape variations. This method is utilized in detecting facial/skeletal features, shape variations for motion tracking, and hand gesture recognition. Such annotations are widely helpful when preparing training data for tracking character movements in video games or facial recognition in security systems.

cuboid icon 3D cuboid annotation

Our experts perform tracking and detection through cuboid annotation, adding more dimensions to the required training data. The annotators draw cubes around objects using the 2D bounding box technique to locate one side and additional boxes to identify the opposite side based on height, width, depth, and position. We create a 3D cuboid in a 2D image by linking these two boxes.

Skeletal annotation icon Skeletal video annotation

We employ this technique as a part of our video annotation services for clients who are developing ML models for sports, fitness, or security analytics. Our experts provide skeletal annotation services to label navigational movements from frame to frame. The annotations are done accurately by identifying and labeling datasets with a prime focus on body alignment.

Video classification icon Video classification

Our video classification process involves labeling/annotating an entire scene of the video smoothly. We classify the objects in a picture and focus on a given category, subcategory, and characteristics, such as men's clothes by type and color, to increase reliability.

Polygon annotation

As a part our of video annotation service for computer vision, our experts use this technique to annotate irregular-shaped objects. The approach involves plotting points on all vertices of a target object to easily recognize the irregularities. Polygon annotation is performed when 2D or 3D bounding box annotation is not possible.

Segmentation icon Semantic segmentation

To ensure the appropriate classification of every object in a video, our annotators add labels to every pixel. The pixels claimed by an object are all labeled in a single class (e.g. car, bike, street). This is done by dividing the video into sections and helps annotate objects even if they are only partially visible in a video.

Success Stories

Improved video captioning capability for a global technology company

The client (a leading global technology company) wanted to improve the captioning capability in 22 languages for a video conferencing solution. Our video annotation experts labeled the provided dataset of videos in the target languages using a sample from the client. The resultant dataset helped the client's solution reach more users.

Data security

Get assured data security with our data annotation company

Being an ISO 27001:2022 certified company for data security, we protect client data at multiple levels. We practice supervised data annotation within a secure facility, follow stringent data protection measures, address data backup issues through management, and sign NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) for every project to assure the client.

Client's speak

The results were better than our expectations

Our first video labeling project to SunTec Data was for a building security app. They were so responsive throughout the project and forthcoming with suggestions. The results were better than our expectations and delivered as per timelines. Since then, we have partnered with them four more times and will highly recommend this team for annotation projects.

Jimmy Allen, Marketer, UK
Featured Industries

We serve multiple video annotation use cases across industries

We provide customizable video annotation solutions to support AL/ML-based business models across several industries. You can leverage our data annotation & labeling services for a wide range of AI applications, such as the following.

Self during vehicles industry

Autonomous vehicles

Producing high-quality training datasets to include AI functions in cars and other autonomous vehicles

video surveillance inductry

Video surveillance systems

Accessing quality datasets for every object, motion, and facial recognition to prevent threats

Annotation retail industry

Data annotation for retail

We annotate & label objects of shop shelves images using bounding boxes to process training data for smart shelving systems

Object localization Industry

Object localization in computer vision models

Locating the target within a defined boundary in an image or video clip to create an accurate dataset

Robotics industry


Allowing a computer vision model to recognize objects in its environment and interact with them or avoid them as necessary

Surgical video industry

Medical AI surgical videos

Obtaining ground truth data of real-world scenarios to train surgical robots and AI-based models

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Our video annotators will adapt and label datasets according to your project to enhance its efficiency. We only commence the project after discussing every detail with you to provide high-quality video annotation solutions. To outsource video annotation services or get more details on how our services can help you, reach out to us at Let us know if you need a free quote or want us to annotate a sample first.