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Outsource text annotation services to upscale your AI/ML and NLP models with accurate, high-quality training datasets.

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Precise and high-quality datasets are important for training Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. However, attempting accurate data annotation at a large scale can present significant logistical challenges. At the same time, poorly annotated, unstructured, or ambiguous datasets will negatively impact the efficiency of the AI/ML algorithm.

At SunTec Data, we provide high-quality text annotation services. Our process involves collecting, annotating, and evaluating data to facilitate improved outcomes. We prepare structured training datasets for computer vision models within stipulated time frames with a team of experienced data annotators and subject matter experts. You can trust our data annotators to deliver high-quality text annotation for NLP models efficiently.

Get a comprehensive range of text annotation services

We provide high-quality annotated text to train datasets and scale your AI models. Our experts efficiently tag, label, review, annotate, and test datasets to ensure a comprehensible output that is easily recognizable by computer vision models. Our text annotation services include

Sentiment analysisSentiment analysis

In sentiment analysis, we label the text as positive, negative, or neutral (according to the provided context). This helps gauge customer opinions and monitors brand reputation, social media, etc. It is also used to detect subtleties in large volumes of text data, such as product reviews, social media content, emotional labeling, and financial news.

Intent annotation Intent annotation

As a part of our text annotation services for AI, we effectively assess the type of action conveyed in the text, identify it as a command, request, or acknowledgment, and label it appropriately. We gather, tag, categorize, and evaluate intentions to train voice assistant and chatbot models.

ner linking NER & entity linking

Through NER (Named Entity Recognition) and entity linking, we annotate text chunks, categorize them into predefined categories, and then link them with each other, thus forming a knowledge base that can be used to train AI/ML models to understand contexts easily.

Text categorization icon Text categorization

Our text annotation company can analyze the text and categorize it using appropriate labels. We use multiple classification models, including binary classifiers, to label the right text subject, theme, intent, and sentiment.

phrase chunking icon Phrase chunking

As a part of text annotation for machine learning, we tag various speech components with their grammatical and linguistic contexts to help computers comprehend phrases in various languages.

Success Stories

Data annotation for a leading travel aggregator

Our client (a top travel booking engine) needed training data for a multi-lingual booking assistant bot. Our team analyzed related chatbot conversations (around cities, regions, districts, and addresses). We annotated the text and classified it with appropriate labels. The trip aggregator consequently obtained precisely tagged and labeled datasets. This made it possible for the booking assistant AI chatbot to promptly reply to client messages and inquiries, raising our client's net promoter score.

Data Security

Get assured data security with subject matter experts

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified For Data Quality and ISO 27001:2022 Certified For Information Security. We harness stringent data protection measures that lead to strict compliance and control in labeling and classifying text data. We incorporate data protection solutions enterprise-wide with supervised transcription within a secure facility. We provide layered security to ensure data privacy and protection.

Client's speak

The data they deliver are reliable and accurate

We will certainly recommend SunTec Data and its text annotation services. We were looking for professional assistance with data annotation to help our eCommerce platform's chatbot model. This team created a stellar dataset just in time that matched our needs. Plus, they are very responsive and always available to resolve our queries.

Emmanuel Firkin, eCommerce Entrepreneur, USA
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