Text Annotation Services

Turning text into intelligence and maximizing the value of textual data for high-quality visualization to robots and automated machines.

Annotating Text Datasets for Training Machine Learning Models

Unlike other multimedia data types such as audio, images, and video, text data can appear deceptively simple to analyze. However, even the most routine textual content may contain an incredible depth of information. Extracting this data accurately, consistently, and efficiently requires a team of highly trained analysts armed with a proven workflow for collecting and analyzing vast amount of text.

Data annotation experts at SunTec are masters at smartly utilizing custom in-house tools powered by machine-learning automation. Though processing textual data brings in some serious logistical challenges - especially in case of global projects with unique data needs, but our experience allows us to overcome all kind of hardships and provide high-quality training data sets tailored to client-defined project goals. When annotating your datasets, our prime focus is on key areas that can make it quicker and easier for a machine to understand, index and store the text in a database for later use.

We not only scrutinize the substantive content of the written words, but also their underlying grammar, syntax, and organizational structure.

Text Annotation Services for Machine Learning

Our training data sets are produced through operational workflows that allow savvy utilization of tools fitting custom client requirements. Through text annotation, labeling, tagging, keynotes addition, review, and revision, our data specialists ensure a comprehensible outcome that can be easily recognized by computer vision models.

With high-quality visualization capabilities, our text annotation services for machine learning support -:

Types of Text Annotation Services

Text Annotation Services

Text Categorization

This requires our annotators to align text elements in any document(s) according to categories predefined by the client. Here, categories and tags are assigned to contextual data within lines or blocks of text to be used for labeling topics, detecting spam or analyzing intent and emotional sentiment.

Annotating the text using Semantic Annotation

Semantic annotation enriches content with machine-processable information by linking background information to extracted concepts. Experts at SunTec semantically tag a document so that it becomes a source of information that is easy to interpret, combine and reuse by machines.

Phrase Chunking

We tag different parts of speech with their grammatical or linguistic contexts so that machines can better understand phrases in multiple languages. The most common use case for this type of text annotation is for sentiment analysis and classification.

Annotating the Text Using Entity Linking

Used for improving search-related function and user experience, entity annotation is the process of annotating certain entities within text data. Data specialists at SunTec carefully scrutinize the text recovered from a document and assign an appropriate relationship between different parts of sentences/phrases.

Text Data Annotation Offerings

Text Data Annotation Offerings

Text Data Collection

Our end-to-end text data capabilities provide for enterprise-quality using extensively unique analytical parameters, with all data collection being customized in response to the specific needs of each client. From scanning physical documents to pouring over vast piles of digital documentation, we’re ready to intake text data at any scale.

Translation, Transcription and Transliteration

Our annotation, analysis, and labeling workflows withdraw the maximum possible insight from raw text data. Following this approach, we deliver the finest quality data that’s not just capable of training machine learning models but transforms static text-document repositories into usable corporate resources.

Text Annotation with Right Metadata Labeling

Working with NLP annotated texts helps in recognizing the most significant words and annotate the same with descriptive texts. To ensure accurate metadata labeling, experts at SunTec fasten additional descriptive information to text elements. Such semantic tagging helps in creating a data set that can easily be interpreted and reused by machines.

Text Data Moderation

Even seemingly basic moderation needs — like ensuring that user comments do not violate content policies or harm the brand’s reputation —require a robust data pipeline. Our automation techniques render such processes far less complicated. From reviewing documents for regulatory compliance to monitoring real-time text intake pipelines, we ensure a balanced control of text quality across diverse enterprise use cases.

Outsource Text Annotation Services: The SunTec Advantage

Once you partner with us, you get a consistent amalgamation of unmatched quality, 100% accuracy, proficient resources and a training data set that complies with the highest security regulations.

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