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Web data scraping at a large scale poses many challenges, including IP blocking, complicated web page structure, unstructured data, and incoherent formatting. Also, manually capturing voluminous data from multiple sources is tedious and time-consuming.

Overcome these challenges with data extraction services from SunTec Data. Our experts seamlessly extract the required data from images, websites, documents, and other online sources, integrate it with your database, categorize and cleanse the data, and structure it properly. We utilize automated and manual techniques to collect data from different locations without needing IP rotation, ban tracking, or proxy management. Our data scraping services include robust API and script support to extract data from all possible web sources and create accurate databases to facilitate easy data retrieval and storage.

Moreover, as a trusted data extraction company, we meet specific business requirements concerning leads, sales, pricing, marketing, and other pertinent operations.

Website data extraction services offered at SunTec Data

With a team of data experts and web scraping specialists, we offer an exclusive array of website data scraping services and complete support for data management.

Data identification Data source identification

  • We have a proficient team of subject matter experts with experience extracting data for diverse industry verticals, including real estate, finance, retail, legal, marketing, and legal.
  • Once a client briefs us on the sources from where the data needs to be extracted, we perform web scraping accordingly.
  • If the sources aren't available, you can give us an overview of the required data fields and we will identify relevant data sources.
  • Our team analyzes the data points/fields and identifies relevant sources to extract the desired information.

Data scraping /extraction

  • As a part of web data scraping services, our team identifies the content to be scraped, scrutinizes the web page, figures out relevant data points as per your business requirements, and scrapes the data.
  • We extract data related to consumers, prospects, competitors, and industry trends from trusted web sources.
  • Our data extraction services are implemented using both automated and manual techniques. Our team uses APIs and scripts for effective data extraction.
  • Once the data is extracted, we integrate and store it in your database or any other preferred location.

Data cleansing icon Data sorting & cleansing

  • Once the database is ready, we sort and categorize the most relevant data for enrichment and cleaning purposes.
  • When data is collected from varied sources, inaccurate or duplicate entries are expected. We address these issues by implementing data cleansing techniques to attain an error-free and accurate database.
  • If required, our web scraping experts perform data categorization and standardization to facilitate easy data retrieval and sharing.

Data delivery icon Data delivery

  • Before we deliver the final database, we run it through multiple verification checks to ensure adherence to data standard, compliances, and quality criteria.
  • Our experts further convert the data into structured and organized formats, such as CSV, Excel, XML, and SQL, for easy accessibility.
  • Our data scraping company securely delivers the extracted data to the client via an encrypted FTP server or email, ensuring utmost data safety.
Success Stories

Data extraction for a US-positioned merchant

The client, a US-based eCommerce store owner, wanted to conduct competitor research. We assigned an adept data scraping team that sifted through diverse sources and extracted critical product details, including SKUs, offers, pricing, availability, reviews, seller information, and ratings. The information was compiled in a secure database and delivered within a short turnaround time. The client could easily retrieve the data to perform competitor research and make informed decisions based on the analysis.

Data security

Assured data security

As an ISO 27001:2022 certified organization for data security, we integrate stringent measures and protocols to streamline the data extraction process. Further, we ensure the following:

  • Updated and advanced firewall system
  • Latest anti-virus software
  • High-security passwords
  • State-of-the-art data backup management
  • NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)
  • Authorized access control only
Client's speak

The team has helped us with data extraction at affordable prices.

We have been working with SunTec Data for two years, and it has been a fruitful experience. The team has helped us with data extraction at affordable prices. They are responsive, supportive, pretty flexible with our data requirements, and always open to accepting custom needs. Truly a wonderful data support partner to work with.

Maisy Richards, Financial Consultant, UK
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