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Your target market will remain uncharted territory without the presence of market research data. It is, thus, the single most important component of your marketing strategy, helping to devise an impactful one that will propel your business towards the objectives you've set out for it. The chasm you'll encounter between the beginning of the market research data gathering process, and the final information gathered from that data after its analysis is the need to convert qualitative data into its quantitative counterpart for the analysis.

Verbatim data coding can bridge that divide with aplomb. It will retain the true nature and essence of the subjective responses given to survey questions by your target audience while simultaneously summarizing the essential data from the enormous pile. The end result is a lean set of quantified data that's true to the original, including the actual words used by the respondent, while being digestible to the succeeding processes that will give you the report you need to run your business successfully.

The complexity involved means you need to outsource verbatim coding services to seasoned professionals for the best results. They must be well-versed with the dynamics of the market whose data they will be working on to carve out its most relevant portion as code. Knowing more than one language will also prove most beneficial in this circumstance as being multilingual makes the operator more versatile to the numerous markets you’re operating in. With our verbatim coding services, SunTec Data does just that. We aim to support businesses across diverse industry verticals in gaining actionable insights from open-ended responses of the target audience. Our experts accurately assign numeric codes to various words, images, phrases, sounds, or ideas so that all the pertinent data can be extracted and analyzed quantitatively.

Whether the data is stored in survey forms, CRM software, IVR systems, customer records, social media platforms, or customer feedback systems, we can convert it into valuable information to understand the opinion of the target market and make strategic business decisions.

SunTec Data’s Multilingual Verbatim Coding Services at a Glance

We follow an integrated process to convert open-ended responses into valuable data through verbatim coding. Our experts can efficiently code images, text as well as audio files by viewing, reading, or listening to the responses and assigning them suitable numeric codes, which are listed in a codebook or code frame.

Familiar with advanced coding software like Ascribe, we quickly code unstructured data or open-ended responses with complete accuracy. Our experts pay attention to detail and make sure that the codes are applied consistently throughout. Further, our Quality Assurance team cross-checks the files to ensure optimum level of accuracy, consistency, and precision.

Our Capabilities:

As part of open ended verbatim coding services, we:

Verbatim Coding Services: Key Application Areas

Our verbatim coding experts are adroit at coding all types of open-ended responses and unstructured survey data, including:

Getting Started With Us As Your Verbatim Coding Company!

Unused data is a waste of opportunity that can derail your business altogether. Prevent such an outcome and turn your fortunes around for the better with impeccable verbatim coding for your market research data.

SunTec Data's world-class coding services will extract the true value that's hidden within every one of your target customers' responses, regardless of the language it is in. Our experts will comb through every piece of data from every input stream to give you the complete picture of the market. With their expertise at coding data in a quick and accurate manner, coupled with the use of sophisticated and the latest in AI/ML technology for the purpose, you can keep up with the ever-changing market trends and go ahead of your competition in acquiring a favorable share of that market for yourself.

And all of these services will be rendered in a safe and secure manner, incorporating the very best in data security technology for both in-house and cloud databases. We will make sure to keep what belongs to you within your grasp alone, with only the necessary amount permitted to be used by our staff at any given moment. This way, we will make sure that your competitive edge is retained and your operations uncompromised.

To learn more about our multilingual verbatim coding services, please write-in to us at and our experts will get back to you.

Why should I use Verbatim Coding?

Close-ended questions are valued in a survey because they yield data that's clear and without ambiguity. This clarity helps tremendously during its analyses, helping to maintain accuracy and easing the search for true insights into the intentions behind customer responses. Verbatim Coding gives this ability to data that is of a qualitative nature. It helps remove or at least reduce to a large extent, the ambiguity that's inherently present in it. By doing so, misinterpretation of the data by the researchers, and even respondents looking at some data present in the questionnaire, is prevented. And the value of an accurate market research report can't be overstated. Furthermore, the coding process can quantify data regardless of its type i.e. text, audio, and image. This ability expands the horizon of data collection, gathering valuable bits from sources once deemed impossible. It further helps gain deeper, more personal, and richer insights into the target market's true wants and needs. It also removes the constraints of language, as the interpretation will be based on the actual words used by the respondents instead of those deemed most suitable by the coding professional. This literal interpretation helps preserve the originality of the responses, including the emotion and tone. Thus, there is simply no escaping from opting for verbatim coding if you want to know about the true nature of your target audience, and how best to approach them with your products or services.

How is verbatim coding different from regular data coding?

The two are the same processes. They both attach a quantifiable numerical or other type of value to qualitative data to make it ready for further processing. The term “verbatim” gets added to the process whenever the coder has to quantify the data by summarizing it word for word or on an as-is basis. This is very useful when it comes to coding data spanning multiple languages. It ensures that translation to English doesn’t hamper the interpretation of the respondent’s answers, ultimately retaining the true essence of it throughout the process and in the final report. The same goes for images to which a code or more corresponding to the details of the image and the overall theme is attached based on a present set of such codes. This way, even pictorial data with a variety of subjective values can be converted into one that has a definite set that’s quickly identifiable and analyzable.

What are the challenges that come with verbatim coding?

Data coding by its very nature is a challenging undertaking that requires astute professionals with the best available equipment and experience to correctly identify the right piece of data to summarize from the pile. They must also be adaptable to changing market dynamics. They must be pliable enough to recognize the best way to apply their skills and must constantly learn about new techniques and technologies that are applicable. If you're going with an in-house team for the task, then your first challenge will be in hiring such individuals. They aren't easy to come by and will add a significant dent to your budget. Not to mention the added cost of any equipment and software you'd have to purchase. Another important challenge is that unlike with regular coding, the coder can't exercise their flexibility during the process. They are bound to quantify data based on what's already present. This rigidity may impact efficiency as more code may need to be added where it could've been shortened. Language barriers can also come into play here and cause problems. The coding team must be linguistically diverse, especially if your business is a multinational one. Thus, you'd need the help of a professional coding agency like ours to accomplish this task as the tools to overcome the challenges.

Why should I outsource my verbatim coding to your company?

Verbatim Coding is a complex procedure, requiring sophistication on the part of both the machinery used for it and the people working on the data. They must both be capable of handling any type of data that they may come across and give the same quality of output regardless of its nature and quantity, along with the deadlines associated with it. Your coding team should have the experience and expertise to give such large quantities of raw data the correct interpretation it needs to become quantified. They must be able to identify the set of words that will best represent the given sentence and assign codes that best describe the value of the data. SunTec Data has all of the above aplenty to deliver the best results for your business. We have a robust reputation for it, making us the top name in the industry when it comes to market research and data management services. Our Verbatim coding services are rendered with infallible accuracy and with quick turnaround times. And all of our services are provided without compromise on quality despite the affordability. We leverage our global presence to aid your international market efforts, having onboarded a diverse team of experts who can interpret data from the numerous target markets' audiences. Thus, with us as your verbatim data coding partner, you can rest assured that your market research data is in capable hands and that you'll be able to look forward to a future of growth from the reports we provide from it, aiding the development and improvement of both operational and customer relationship strategies.

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