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Mortgage brokers and lenders often agree to the fact that mortgage loan processing is a time-consuming and laborious process. The entire mortgage lifecycle - including processing, underwriting, and closing requires vast documentation, thereby delaying the whole process. At the same time, if planned properly and carefully, mortgage loan processing can be streamlined to achieve better customer satisfaction and efficiency. Considering this, outsourcing mortgage loan processing is always a diligent idea.

SunTec Data offers you reliable and proven mortgage loan processing services that free you from the hassles of sifting, evaluating and processing the voluminous data associated with mortgages. We have been working with a team of professional underwriters for 15+ years now, enabling our global clientele to save up on a substantial amount of time and operational costs involved in mortgage loan processing. Apart from this, we strictly abide by a qualified mortgage rule to ensure constant efficiency throughout our operations. Our team of loan processers offers end-to-end mortgage loan processing services that cover a wide range of functions from processing, business acquisitions and appraisal title checks to underwriting disbursements and collections services. We ensure round the clock delivery of services, resulting in a shortened turnaround time and lower processing costs.

Mortgage Processing Services: The Comprehensive Suite

SunTec Data handles all aspects of mortgage loan processing to provide a simplified solution for your business. Outsource mortgage processing to SunTec Data, to benefit from the wide array of services we provide:

Outsource Mortgage Processing to SunTec: The Benefits

Partner with SunTec for Mortgage Processing: The Reasons

We are a team of focused and highly skilled professionals who help you make informed decisions pertaining to mortgage loan application process. From order appraisals to loan closing, we give you complete evaluation, validation and review for each mortgage loan process.


Is your team skilled enough to handle complex mortgage loan processing projects?


With over two decades of experience, we are well-equipped with state-of-the-art techniques and tools to carry out projects of all sizes smoothly. Our team optimally blends their skills and expertise to create customized solutions and deliver top-grade mortgage processing services to lenders worldwide- regardless of the project complexity.

This is why we are a preferred choice among lenders and brokers looking for reliable mortgage processing outsourcing companies.

How much do mortgage processing services cost?

At SunTec Data, we believe in providing the finest quality solutions at economical prices. We have a flexible pricing policy where clients can pay according to their requirements.

Regardless of the pricing model you choose, we assure you highly affordable yet best-in-class mortgage loan processing solutions in the market. Once you brief us on your project requirements, our experts will share the exact quote within no time.

If I outsource mortgage processing to you, how soon can you deliver my project?

Project delivery is dependent on two factors: size and complexity. However, once all the requirements have been understood and the course of action has been decided, we may take up to a few weeks to hand over the project to you.

Drop an email at with your project details, and our mortgage loan processing specialists will get back to you with the time estimate.

What if I am not satisfied with your mortgage processing services?

That won't be the case with SunTec Data. All processes are directed towards client satisfaction so that you can relax. To avoid confusion, our team works in tandem with your business needs and maintains uninterrupted communication before, during, and after the project. If you are still dissatisfied, we will sit down and work on the shortcomings until you are content.

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