Mortgage Lien Release Support Services

We help you streamline the lien release and assignment process, mitigate compliance risks, and improve customer satisfaction.

Mortgage Lien Release Company

Mortgage lien release could prove to be a nerve-wracking task for lenders who are not aware of the mortgage laws and compliances.

An efficient lien release and assignment process is critical to driving exceptional customer service as well as compliance. Today’s demanding customers expect a seamless experience across the lending cycle. Thus, loan servicers must comply with the mandates of regulatory bodies and keep up with varying rules. Any sort of documentation errors and missed deadlines can lead to rejection by county and eventually significant cost hikes and reputational risk.

As a lender, you can overcome this hassle by outsourcing mortgage lien release support services to someone who knows the drill. SunTec Data deploys best practices honed over 15+ years to help servicers address the complexities of mortgage lien release and stay compliant. We constructively combine business process outsourcing services and automated workflows to help you manage staffing volatility and mitigate the risk of out-of-compliance penalties. Our in-house team of experienced lien release specialists blends process expertise with technology-based tools to drive end-to-end efficiency, ensure multi-level quality assurance and enable real time reporting.

In addition to this, we decrease the number of lien release rejections, reduce liability, satisfy borrowers, and ensure that the process is completed with due efficiency.

Mortgage Lien Release Services On Offer

Why Outsource Mortgage Lien Release Services To SunTec?

Backed by strong industry knowledge and expertise, SunTec Data aims to reduce redundancy in the lien release process. We offer bespoke services designed to address the complexity and the resource-intensive nature of the lien release process. Further, we maintain a workflow that not only enables us to quickly complete the mortgage lien release but also reduces the risk of rejection by the county. All this together has helped us successfully implement efficient mortgage lien release process.

Here are the added benefits that you can enjoy by choosing us as your mortgage lien release processing partner:

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