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Designed to identify every controversial property issue and bring it to the attention of lenders, credit unions as well as appraisal companies

Mortgage Appraisal Company

Managing mortgage underwriting, appraisals and property valuations is an arduous challenge for lenders, credit unions and appraisal firms. Taking care of these business-critical endeavours not only calls for skilled and experienced resources but also demands access to the latest, advanced technology. While recruiting the right talent for the job is an expensive proposition, acquiring the requisite technical tools further adds to your financial woes. Moreover, maintaining the status quo in such a scenario not only proves to be business detrimental but promotes chaotic business operations and low productivity rates. Fortunately, you can overcome all the hassle by outsourcing property valuation, underwriting, and appraisal services to SunTec Data.

SunTec’s appraiser valuation, selection, and management process ensures accurate, reliable, and timely appraisal reports, with a strong focus on regulatory compliance and collaboration with industry updates. We merge intelligent valuation technologies, relevant market-based data, and analytics with our domain expertise to provide simplified and highly accurate property valuation services.

Our mortgage appraisal experts deliver all-inclusive mortgage appraisal underwriting services that include reviewing the collateral property, the current market price of identical properties in the same location, and comparing prices and trends among others. For each project, we begin afresh by re-examining your market to refrain from defensive appraising and offer the support you need with our value-added assistance for mortgage appraisal.

End-to-End Property Valuation, Underwriting, and Appraisal Services

With more than 15 years of experience in providing unmatched mortgage appraisal review support services to clients worldwide, we have domain-level expertise in the mortgage industry. From analyzing the creditworthiness of your property to accessing your documents and providing comprehensive reports, we are committed to delivering robust mortgage support for hassle-free loan processing. Our mortgage appraisal support services include:

Broker Price Opinions

SunTec’s mortgage appraisal support outsourcing services include performing field review of your collateral to determine if the reported value is consistent with the actual dimensions of the real estate. When lenders require a professional valuation of property, we help them with reliable broker price opinions (BPO) to determine the fair market value of the property.

Comparative Market Analysis

Under comparative market analysis, our mortgage appraisal experts take a proactive approach in order to identify the collateral property that needs to be sold or purchased. They further compare the collateral property with similar properties in the neighboring area in terms of condition, age, size, and style. In case lookalike properties aren’t available in the vicinity, our experts extend to other locations or compare it with homes that closely match the home in question. By adopting this approach, we empower the appraiser to make a fair and equitable market analysis of the property.

Appraisal Review

On receiving the report from the appraisers, we will review it while checking for accuracy, compliance, consistency, and overall thoroughness. This is where our experience in the mortgage industry shines through. Being the chosen mortgage appraisal support outsourcing partner of several mortgage brokers and lenders, we know exactly what to look for in an appraisal report. We make sure every potential issue is discerned and brought to your attention before things move forward. Further, we also provide you a clear analysis of the factors which we believe are influencing the appraisal value.

Choose Our Mortgage Appraisal Support- We Have the Experience You Can Count On

From brokers to lenders to appraisers, SunTec offers efficiency, accountability, and transparency along the way. We talk through situations and put ourselves in our stakeholders' shoes to offer consistent mortgage appraisal solutions and address the needs of all parties while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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