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Even as digital technologies are revolutionizing the way we do business, paper forms still remain the backbone of information collection and process input for many. Through forms processing services, SunTec Data can help you capture and extract all the required and relevant data and convert it into suitable electronic formats.

With experience of more than a decade and a half, in-depth domain expertise, hundreds of global clients and latest tools and technology, we assist businesses in processing data from forms to free up storage space, speed up business processes and gain easy access to critical information, just in time. Our capabilities encompass all facets associated with form processing, and our professionals are skilled at processing forms of all types including invoices, purchase orders, insurance claims, survey/ questionnaires, medical claims, etc.

SunTec Data’s Forms Processing Services: Key Features

SunTec Data offers forms processing services for all types of documents, including structured as well as unstructured forms. We combine our wealth of experience, technical know-how and capabilities in form processing to deliver you superior quality services at cost-effective prices and in quick turnaround time. Our experts efficiently capture data from handwritten, typed, scanned as well as machine printed forms, process the information and present it in easy to access file formats. Key application areas, include:

We can process high volume forms with utmost accuracy and provide you with actionable data. As part of forms processing services, our experts:

We provide forms processing services across diverse industry verticals including healthcare, banking and finance, insurance, legal, universities, tour and travel, real estate and others.

Why Outsource Forms Processing Services to SunTec Data?

A partnership with SunTec Data for form processing means working with the professionals to gain easy access to business-critical data, stored in thousands of forms.

End-to-end form processing services: SunTec Data provides a complete spectrum of forms processing services that includes scanning, data capture, cleansing and enriching, verifying and validating and quality assurance checks.

Rich domain expertise: Our experts hold in-depth knowledge of processing structured, semi-structured and unstructured forms with utmost ease and accuracy.

Quality Guaranteed: As an ISO 9001 certified company for Quality Management System, we deliver high-quality forms processing services to our global clientele.

Complete Data Security: SunTec Data adheres to stringent security protocols and maintain complete data security and confidentiality, ensuring zero loss of your business-critical information.

Reduced company’s cost: We deliver form processing services at cost-effective prices, helping you save a considerable amount of company’s cost

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