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Empower Your Online Presence with Content Moderation Services

As businesses connect ever more closely with their customers and prospects, there is a dire need for a content moderation system that’s capable of enforcing high standards across all the areas of your site; for even the minutest lapse could dismantle the brand reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build. But what does content moderation exactly do? Well, content moderation is the process of monitoring, assessing, and filtering content that has been posted to your online channels which works as an essential piece of your online business strategy.

Content moderation service protects your website from indecorous contents that can affect the reputation of your company. Online social platforms are easily accessible and allow audiences to freely express their feelings and words towards a particular product, company, services or any specific community. Such good or bad contents need to be filtered and monitored before going live on your website. That’s where content moderation services come to the rescue.

Moderating present-day online content has several prominent concerns including inconclusive security regulations, technical complications, algorithmic miscalculations, unfiltered consumption, among others. Monitoring these across diverse digital touch-points requires dedicated resources, plenty of time and extensive experience. In such circumstances, outsourcing content moderation services to a reliable vendor is the best way to not just keep a track of the user-generated content but protect your brand’s reputation practically.

Moderate Any Content, At Any Time with SunTec

Protect your website from inappropriate and outrageous content with data-driven content moderation services from SunTec Data. As a globally prominent outsourcing partner with over two decades of experience, we have been supporting businesses globally with our multi-process IT services.

Our potential lies in combining the power of machine learning with the expertise of our highly-trained subject matter experts to identify and classify indecent content. Our global network of adroit moderation specialists leverages best-in-class technology and content moderation tools to ensure your brand is shielded against improper content, in every language. We are also trained in crisis management which helps us in detecting, addressing and mitigating potential problems before they affect your brand. In addition to this, we develop workflows and security procedures with your legal, PR and brand guidelines in mind.

At SunTec, we adhere to the several typically moderated content-types:

Content Moderation Services

Our Data-Driven Content Moderation Services include:

Image Moderation Services

Our content moderators are trained enough to recognize and flag images that violate the laws of decent online behavior. We offer live content moderation services using advanced software and human skills to make sure every image is adherent to guidelines and policy of your company. Our experts can moderate images of all types/formats with the highest level of accuracy and quality to build your brand.

Video Moderation Services

Our video moderation services draw on our expertise in transcription, audio quality assurance and machine-assisted video classification to eliminate redundancies while ensuring appropriate, safe, and authentic outcomes. Whether you’re looking to block sensitive content or improve your user experience, we provide an accurate yet cost-effective way to manage your community submissions.

Social Media Content Moderation Services

With industry-leading turnaround times, we are experts at combining enterprise-level software technology with professional annotating skills to improvise the quality of content across all your social media channels. Our services are designed to handle large volumes of real-time data in multiple languages while preserving veracity, regulatory compliances to make it favorable for your brand.

Your Ideal Content Moderation Partner - The SunTec Advantage

We adapt our moderation services to different client demands, thus enabling effective implementation of context-specific filters accompanied with high audience engagement.


We seamlessly combine AI-enabled and other manual tools to address your content moderation needs. Our sole aim is to deliver the highest possible moderation accuracy and consistency.

Live Content Moderation

Besides persistent monitoring on all fronts, we also create alerts to identify any possible emerging threats, content violations or regulatory guidelines and prepare ourselves with appropriate solutions.

Dedicated Workforce

We employ a highly-skilled workforce - never crowdsourced - that has rich experience and masters in identifying questionable content according to client’s specifications.

International Regulatory Compliance

We monitor your content wisely and ensure every image, video, or social media post passes internationally applied data quality compliances easily.

Quality Control

We believe in quality over quantity. To uphold this approach we adopt compelling methodologies on pre and post content moderation to get the most accurate results.

Expert Consulting to Get You Started

SunTec takes every step with you —to define, optimize and proactively manage a solution that succeeds for you and your users. To know more about our team and moderation approach, speak to our content moderation experts now.

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