Verbatim Coding Services/Multilingual Verbatim Coding Services

With verbatim coding services, SunTecData aims to support businesses across diverse industry verticals in gaining actionable insights from open-ended responses of the target audience. Our experts accurately assign numeric codes to various words, images, phrases, sounds or ideas so that all the pertinent data can be extracted and analyzed quantitatively.

Whether the data is stored in survey forms, CRM software, IVR systems, customer records, social media platforms or customer feedback systems, we can convert it into valuable information to understand the opinion of the target market and make strategic business decisions.

SunTecData’s Multilingual Verbatim Coding Services at a Glance

We follow an integrated process to convert open-ended responses into valuable data through verbatim coding. Our experts can efficiently code images, text as well as audio files by viewing, reading or listening to the responses and assigning them suitable numeric codes, which are listed in a codebook or code frame.

Familiar with advanced coding software like Ascribe, we quickly code unstructured data or open-ended responses with complete accuracy. Our experts pay attention to detail and make sure that the codes are applied consistently throughout. Further, our Quality Assurance team cross-checks the files to ensure optimum level of accuracy, consistency and precision.

Our Capabilities:

As part of open ended verbatim coding services, we:

  • Analyze and code open ended responses of customers
  • Draw valuable insights from customer responses
  • Code responses in multiple languages like English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, etc.
  • Interpret and sort responses from patients, doctors and healthcare specialists
Verbatim Coding Services: Key Application Areas

Our verbatim coding experts are adroit at coding all types of open-ended responses and unstructured survey data, including:

  • Images
  • Social media text
  • Data from CRM systems
  • Voice recordings from IVR
  • Telephone surveys/ interviews (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
  • Text from online surveys
  • Data in customer feedback systems
  • Handwritten answers in forms, paper surveys, comment cards, etc.

To learn more about our multilingual verbatim coding services, please write-in to us at and our experts will get back to you.