Questionnaire / Survey Forms Processing Services

SunTecData offers Questionnaire / Survey Forms Processing Services for clients who have input the survey, opinion polls, or registration data into physical documents, and need to scan and capture the data quickly and accurately. Equipped with a pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we can efficiently scan up to 20,000 pages a day. Our experts use advanced Kofax data capture technology to capture handwritten, typed or machine-printed survey forms, bar codes and OMR codes, etc., with optimum accuracy.

In order to confirm data accuracy, post-extraction – we ensure that the data captured undergoes validation. It includes right from database cross–referencing to checking the captured data against business rules, and manual scrutiny by our operators. While omissions are labelled alongside database records, our data professionals can also devise and conduct completely bespoke validations in line with client requirements.

An ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 certified firm, SunTecData has successfully performed specialized forms processing and entry projects for prestigious names like BOSE, Samsung, University of Pennsylvania, Expedia, The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board, and KPMG in past where we're required to enter data from forms, survey questionnaires (in typed & handwritten format) into MS-Access, Excel and Customized application (CS Pro). We ensure that with each batch of processed questionnaires or survey forms, you receive actionable data that you can put to work right away into your back-end applications and statistics systems.

A Glimpse at SunTecData’s Survey Scanning Services

SunTecData has the resources, technology and expertise to deliver high-quality survey scanning services and support business owners in converting surveys into valuable data, thus enabling you gain easy access to business-critical data and reduce storage costs.

Our experts are also adept at indexing the digital documents to make it easy for the clients to retrieve pertinent data, as and when the need arises.

Through our survey scanning and processing services, we can help you with:
  • Surveys, opinion polls, feedback forms and questionnaires
  • Application forms, registration forms
  • Market research surveys, marketing response cards.
  • Order forms and cheques
  • We can efficiently digitize the following surveys:
    • Customer Surveys
    • Employee Surveys
    • Patient Surveys
    • Tenant Surveys
    • Housing and Environmental Questionnaires
As part of survey scanning and processing services, our experts:
  • Prepare the survey forms for scanning by unfolding papers, removing staples, etc.
  • Use high-end scanners to scan survey forms and efficiently process tick box & handwritten responses
  • Capture data accurately by utilizing OCR technique
  • Verify and validate the extracted data
  • Deliver files in a suitable file format including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG, GIF, etc.

To help you make the most out of the valuable data and information contained in your survey forms and questionnaires, SunTecData provides a rich array of survey scanning services at cost-effective prices. To learn how we can help you gain the maximum out of your research material, kindly contact us today. You can drop us a line at to know more about our survey scanning services.