Real Estate Foreclosure Data Entry Services

SunTecData delivers a comprehensive range of real estate foreclosure data entry services, aimed at helping realtors, real estate agents, property dealers, financial institutions, investors, title insurers, housing authorities, etc., in maintaining consistent, accurate and up-to-date data. We research and draw our information primarily from the documents of Deed of Trust & Federal Tax Liens available on county clerk websites, HUD provided local level data, and other online sources.

We can download the foreclosure referrals from various lender websites like Lenstar, Vendorscape,, NewTrak, Clarifire, etc., if you can share with us the account details of the sites or alternatively you can send the complete referral package via email.

Backed by a strong team of data entry specialists and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals, we accurately capture data from foreclosure forms and key-in the required details in an easy-to-access file format such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PDF, etc., and online foreclosure systems. We maintain 99.99% accuracy and complete data confidentiality so that you can concentrate on core competencies to achieve organizational goals.

Real Estate Foreclosure Data Entry Services at SunTecData: Key Features

As part of foreclosure data entry services, we extract vital details from foreclosure forms to create robust and compliant customer records, transforming your information into real business value. To ensure error-free final deliverable, our Quality Assurance (QA) team runs frequent quality checks and deliver accurate files.

We can capture details from the following documents and enter them in a preferred file format:

  • Homeowner documents
  • Enrollment forms
  • Notice of default
  • Uniform Borrower Assistance Form
  • Judicial foreclosure form
  • Borrower Financial Statement
  • Third Party Authorization Form, and several others
Besides, we can help you with:
  • Verifying, validating, and (if required) updating information in the referral package
  • Keying in data in client's foreclosure management system to maintain accurate and up to date loan records
  • Reviewing title search documents to verify if the vesting, lien position, and status of priority lien, subordinate liens, judgments, affidavits, tax figures, etc., are correct
  • Preparing HUD sheet for real estate settlement agencies, itemizing all charges to the seller and buyer
  • Complete gamut of online foreclosure data entry including inputting details of pre-foreclosures, short sales, sheriff sales, foreclosures, bankruptcies, rent to own, etc.
  • Verifying pre foreclosure data listings using NCOA & CASS, accompanied by uploading aerial photographs and maps of each pre foreclosure property, and updating on a regular basis

Why Outsource Foreclosure Data Entry Services to SunTecData?

We are a customer-oriented company, focused at delivering high-quality foreclosure data entry services at cost-effective prices. Partner with us to get the following advantages:

  • Access to Skilled Personnel: We have a dedicated team of data entry specialists who hold extensive experience and in-depth domain expertise related with foreclosure processes, databases and applications.
  • Industry Best Turnaround Time: Our data entry experts work in shifts and deliver the project in quick turnaround time.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: We provide foreclosure data entry services at reasonable, helping you save company cost, time and efforts.
  • ISO Standards: We are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified for superior quality and information security, and maintain complete confidentiality of restricted files
  • Free Trial: We provide free trial at no cost obligation basis to help you assess the quality of work.

To find out how we can help you manage your data and redirect your valuable time to your core competencies, please visit us at write-in to us at