Mining Data For An American Web Portal

The client:

An American web portal providing information on colleges and universities.

Client background:

Since its launch, the web portal has been becoming increasingly popular with the students of the United States of America. It provides a lot of valuable information to admission seekers like admission criteria, courses offered, etc. Besides these, the web portal also offers information like what percentage of students of a college or university manage to find jobs in their preferred fields or how successful are the students of a college in getting admission in M.A. programs.

Project requirement:

To mine all basic information such as address, contact information, courses, number of professors, etc. about a number of universities and colleges from their official websites or by using Google.

The challenges:
  • The size of the project. We had to gather information on more than two thousand five hundred colleges and universities.
  • We had to be very careful to ensure that we did not mix up the details of colleges and universities as some of them had similar sounding names.
  • Since all this information was very valuable to students it had to be collected and collated with pin point accuracy.
  • The project had to be turned around as quickly as possible so that the client could process and organize the information before the admission season opened in the USA.
The solution:

The solution offered by us was web data capture. A team of ten web data capture professionals took charge of the project and began working in tandem. They were overseen by a dedicated Project Manager who insured that one professional did not duplicate the work done by another. We also assigned two professionals to the project to double check and corroborate the details gathered by the team of ten. Even after this, the finished project was put through a rigorous quality check. We were able to turn around the project well within the deadline and completely to the satisfaction of the client.

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