Appointment Setting Services

Is your sales staff not spending enough time closing sales, because they are too busy making cold calls?

At SunTecData, we can support your sales team by setting up the appointments, conducting the follow-up and appointment reminders and assist you overall in securing qualified business opportunities.

Our appointment setting services can help you drive superior business performance, improved decision making, and an enhanced focus on bringing-in closed revenue. We base our appointment setting services on your firm’s products, services or solutions, along with its USPs, and your target market segment.

How do we support your business and sales staff with our appointment setting services?
  • Based on your company’s products and services, we create customized appointment setting strategies
  • We design effective campaigns to help put your sales staff in direct interaction with qualified prospects
  • We identify or create a preferred list of Right Party Contacts (RPC)
  • We cleanup and vet call lists/databases
  • We provide online access to schema, schedules and calendars
  • We offer complete project management including appointment setting, follow-up, rescheduling and cancellations, if any
  • We offer multiple-user synchronized accessibility along with customizable calendar layouts, colour coding and methods to retrieve

Our appointment setting services are aimed at supporting and improving the sales processes to a wide variety of businesses including banks, mortgage firms, online retailers, publishers, marketing agencies and customer care companies.

SunTecData takes a consolidated approach in offering you appointment setting services. Towards this, we conduct a thorough profiling of your existing and potential customer accounts, using your current database or can create a tailored prospect list, completely afresh. We can work both through your company’s CRM, ERP or any proprietary sales application or offline databases, with equal ease.

Our skilled sales professionals, who work on setting up appointments for you, supported by our internet researchers and database management teams work completely in sync as an extension of your own sales team.

To learn more about our appointment setting services or for any other assistance, please contact us at