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eCommerce and Retail Data Research Solutions

Retail data research and analysis services from SunTec Data help you keep up with the market, stay ahead of the competition, and identify better business opportunities. We achieve this by providing a well-documented, quantitative, and qualitative understanding of target users, market requirements, competitors, industry trends while capturing online consumer behavior, sentiment, and opinions regarding your brand.

With a team of expert data researchers, our services for the eCommerce industry surpass international data intelligence standards and reveal the forces driving consumer expectations, giving you the benefit of well-informed, strategic decisions.

eCommerce & Retail Data Research Services We Offer

Delivering Business Intelligence: One Data-Point at a Time

Experts at SunTec Data utilize augmented analytical modules to comprehend large and disparate data sets into a comprehensive source of structured data. The team further ensures granular querying data security and increased reporting efficiency while detecting inconsistencies and validating the extracted data. To sum up:

Ecommerce Data Attributes - A Part of Our Retail Research Services

Our data research services for eCommerce and retail cover a massive bunch of attributes that are critical to success. Our team of data researchers displays a combination of knowledge, experience, and expertise to bring forth exceptional results.

User Demographics

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Preferences
  • Purchase history
  • Most frequently purchased items

Product Discovery Metrics

  • eStore popularity
  • Impressions - offline and online
  • Video and audio platform impressions
  • Influencers
  • Reach on different channels and media
  • Social media reach

Organic Traffic Metrics

  • Google search result ranking position
  • Ranking position on different eCommerce marketplaces
  • Average CTR (Click-through rates)

Website Traffic Metrics

  • Sessions
  • Unique user count
  • Bounce rate
  • Average session duration
  • Average page count per session

Email Engagement

  • Bounce rate
  • Open rate
  • CTR
  • Growth rate
  • Conversion rates
  • Unsubscribe requests

Social Media Engagement

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Followers
  • Potential reach
  • Audience growth rate

Conversion KPIs

  • Online transaction count
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Number of visitors
  • Sales conversion rate
  • Average order value
  • Net promoter score

Pricing Metrics

  • Peak pricing data
  • Pricing surge details
  • Audience-based, segment-specific pricing
  • Average selling price
  • Competitor price fluctuation

Product Search Trends

  • Real-time data analysis
  • Fast-selling product categories
  • Consumer preference data
  • Search preferences and trends

Qualitative Ecommerce Data Source

  • Newsgroups
  • Bulletin boards
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Server log files
  • Publicly available user-generated content

Consolidated eCommerce and Retail Data Research Services

With a global clientele and 20+ years of experience as a retail data research company, we are uniquely positioned to understand the requirements of eCommerce businesses. We are equipped with a team of proficient data and market research experts who extract and integrate relevant data from a wide array of sources while providing a 360-degree view of where your brand stands in the global eCommerce landscape. Our major focus is on carving ways and means to place your brand on the top.

Take a look at our key differentiators:

Why Outsource Retail Data Analysis & Research Services to SunTec Data?

We at SunTec Data are a renowned name in the market when it comes to providing eCommerce data analysis and research services to our huge client base. The reason that you should outsource your retail data research work to us is that we possess a decent amount of industry expertise along with decades of experience to conduct retail market research and produce results that wow our customers. The best thing about our eCommerce data research services is that we have all the resources to assist small, mid, and large-sized organizations and can cater to individual and bulk project requirements.

If you will outsource eCommerce and retail data research services to us, you can just sit back and relax till our experts deliver the project back to you with results beyond your expectations. Also, with us, you can leverage the benefits of working with experienced resources and experts that hold years of experience and expertise in conducting retail data analysis. The reason that we are the best in the market is that we focus majorly on delivering quality results and achieving excellence in our work.

Connect With Us Today For All Your Retail Data Research Requirements

Are you looking for a premium service provider that can conduct retail market research and perform eCommerce data analysis? You are definitely at the correct place. We are a leading eCommerce data research services provider with clients in different corners of the globe. We have been serving the eCommerce industry for decades now and have the required expertise and experience to conduct retail data research and analysis to provide results that are beyond our client’s expectations. By opting for our eCommerce data research services, our customers have seen a good improvement in their sales, conversion rates, and overall ROI which is the reason that we have a customer retention rate of more than 95%.

If you want to outsource eCommerce and retail data research services to the market experts who can provide you 100% accurate and trustworthy results, then you can connect with us today and let our experts handle your projects and requirements. Please drop us a free consultation request at Our research expert would get in touch with you to understand your retail market research requirements. If you want to understand more about our retail data research services and the work that we have done, you can refer to the case studies, the link of which is provided below.


What are the two types of retail market research?

Usually, there are two types of market research: which are primary research and secondary research. Primary research is the research on the specific data that you have researched by your own self. On the other hand, secondary research is the kind of research that is performed using the existing source of information. In short primary research is conducted on fresh data while secondary research is performed on the data which has already been researched by any other individual. Examples of primary research are conducting a survey, running an interview, jotting down consumer behavior, etc. while examples of secondary research include analyzing case studies, industry trends, etc.

Why is eCommerce data research services important to retailers?

With the increase in online customers and the competition in the eCommerce market, retail market research has become the need of the hour for the retailers and the eShop owners. Thorough retail data research services can help the retailers to avoid keeping products that see fewer sales figures and stock on the ones that are trending in the market. Retail market research helps small businesses expand their reach by creating an eCommerce storefront and attracting the correct target audience in the minimum possible time. Retail data collected from the research can help the retailers understand their customers and provide products and services that your customers need the most.

Do retail data research services make decision-making easy?

Yes, retail data research plays an important role when it comes to helping retailers to stand out in the competitive market to sell more and earn bigger profits. Moreover, eCommerce data research services opted from professionals can help the retailers and online shop owners in making productive and efficient business decisions, to increase their conversions and ROI. Also, conducting such in-depth retail market research to gather crucial eCommerce data can help the retailers in getting their hands on the crucial competitors and customers data that will not only lower down the market competition but will help retailers recognize consumer behaviors and understand their purchasing habits.

Do you provide free work samples?

Yes, you will be happy to hear that we provide free work samples to let you have an overview of work and the capabilities to achieve high-quality results. You can send us a requirement and ask us for a work sample, which we will provide to you without asking for any compensation. If you are not satisfied with just the work samples and want to know more about our retail data research services and our excellence, you can definitely visit our website, view our case studies, testimonials and read the feedback and reviews to start building your trust with us and move towards a new journey.

What about your turnaround time?

We won't disappoint you when it comes to project delivery time as we have the quickest turnaround time that no other retail data research service provider can beat or meet. We offer the quickest turnaround time which is the minimum in the industry. The best thing about us is that we will assign your retail data analysis work to our experts on board as soon you will place a query with us and will make the payment. Our experts will work on your projects as suggested or requested by you as soon they receive them and will deliver them back to you within 24 hours. We ensure you that with us you will get quality results each time.

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