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Hire Virtual Assistant for eBay Listing

Selling on marketplaces like eBay is a great way to expand internationally, increase sales and most importantly, scale your business. However, creating a robust presence across the marketplace by uploading thousands of products quickly and with all the relevant information requires extensive technical knowledge and skills.

At SunTec Data, we have a dedicated team of eBay listers for hire, who can assist right from capturing product data from multiple sources like manufacturers' websites, physical catalogs, competitors' sites, etc., through to creating detailed product listings. We prepare eBay listings in conformity with eBay's guidelines, ensuring that the lists are complete and updated with pertinent information like product titles, descriptions, images, pricing, attributes, tech specs, etc. We are also adept at using advanced, third party tools like Turbo Lister, Vendio and Blackthrone, thus speeding the process and maintaining 99.99% accuracy.

A Look at eBay Product Listing Services at SunTec Data

We deliver end-to-end eBay product listing and back-office support services at cost-effective prices. Our team of eBay product listers are well-conversant at uploading thousands of products along with their details for diverse industry verticals like medical and healthcare, jewelry, luxury items, baby products, electronics, sports goods, etc. We can key-in the data into a CSV file or a spreadsheet format for upload in the back-end system.

Our wide range of eBay listing services, includes:

Product Categorization

To make it easy for your potential customers to search the products, we ensure that your items are listed under the most precise category and sub-category.

Product Title Creation

Our team of eBay experts creates SEO-friendly, descriptive titles specifying brand name, color, size, etc., within the 55-character limit. We also give your product a sub-title to make it easier for the prospects to know about the item.

Product Description Writing

We have a team of eCommerce copywriters, assisting you in creating pithy, informative and compelling product descriptions that precisely highlight the key features, benefits as well as technical specifications of the products. We ensure that relevant and mostly searched keywords are incorporated in the copies to help you improve your web presence.

Product Image Editing and Upload

Our team of image editors utilize advanced software to edit and enhance picture quality for normal, thumbnail and zoom view. We make sure that the product photos are clear and bright with a white background. Our product image editing services include cropping, resizing, retouching, image masking, background removal, watermark removal, etc.

eBay Bulk Product Upload

To speed up the product listing process, our teams of eBay experts use bulk product upload techniques or employ 3rd party tools to maintain utmost accuracy.

eBay Back Office Support Services

Our teams of eBay listers for hire also help online merchants with routine activities like order processing, inventory management, competitor price monitoring and live chat customer support.

When you outsource eBay listing services, we support you in uploading the product catalog in compliance with eBay's guidelines and standards.

Let's Get You Started!

To learn more about our team of eBay listers for hire, please connect with us today! You can also drop us a line at info@suntecdata.com to avail our eBay product listing services.

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