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Processing and retrieving information from paper documents takes longer while storing them means sacrificing valuable office space. They are also liable to be damaged or lost, in either case the data and information borne by them perishes permanently. Capturing and digitizing paper documents’ data is a cost-effective and practical means of avoiding all the hassle.

At SunTec Data we offer Paper Documents’ Data Capture Services for quick and accurate capture and digitization of data from all kinds of paper documents irrespective of their length and complexity. We have a team of experienced and highly trained data capture professionals who are assisted by skilled editors and proof readers. Whenever required, we also use customized software and the latest scanning and OCR technologies to capture paper documents’ data and digitize it. From the simplest to the most complex, we can capture data from every kind of paper document, be it coupons, receipts, invoices and business cards or scientific and mathematical books, journals and newspapers. As a part of our Paper Documents’ Data Capture Services we can also undertake the capture of town and municipal records and legal documents. The professionals at SunTec Data are extremely methodical and meticulous. At the very start of a project we will align your documents according to type or on the basis of the data and information carried by them so that collating and organizing their data is easier upon capture.

We also take care to improve document quality when we capture paper documents’ data employing scanning and OCR tools. Our data capture team will reduce noise, creases and stains from the document images and convert colored or patterned background into a uniform shade of white. We can also perform targeted data capture from your paper documents. That is, we will capture only what you specify and require, whether it is mathematical and chemical formulas in scientific texts, product specifications, contact data, bibliographic details or tables and statistics.

Our Paper Documents’ Data Capture Services are ideal for the digitization of corporate archives, newspapers, library collections, fragile books and documents and government records. By outsourcing your paper documents’ data capture to us you will save on office space, ease searching and sharing of information and foreclose the likelihood of data loss as backups of digitized data can be easily created. We also perform indexing as a part of our Paper Documents’ Data Capture Services.

You are assured the highest quality when you make SunTec Data your outsourcing partner. We strive our utmost to accomplish every data capture project with a nearly one hundred percent accuracy. Every finished project is manually checked by a proof reading and editing team upon completion so that not even the slightest error or inconsistency slips through. Throughout the length of a project a dedicated Project Manager will liaison with you to know your requirements and to keep you posted on the progress of the work. We will hand you the finished project in MS Word, PDF, MS Access, My SQL or any other digital format preferred by you.

We never compromise on the security and privacy of documents and allow only authorized people to access them. Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry.

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