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Normalized Data = Effective Lead Management

With normalization, easily and efficiently manage and update the database, without incurring data losses. Minimize redundancy and ensure integrity with Data Normalization.

SunTec Data helps enterprises normalize their data from diverse sources, ensuring that the data are in the correct format with data items mapping in the correct fields. A critical component of data maintenance, data normalization provides standardized and consistent labels for selectable fields.

With our normalization services, we help our clients with:

Custom Normalization Processes at SunTec Data

Tailored to specific customer requirements, SunTec Data has developed a number of processes and techniques to normalize the significant fields in marketing and transactional data.

Any open text field can be challenging. However, we understand that data categories that define the buyer persona or have a bearing upon business processes are the best contestants for normalization. We convert your crazy data into a standardized list to enable you to take actions that would otherwise be problematic to do properly. For instance, data such as name and name components [including prefix, suffix, middle names and titles, etc.], job title, job function, organization, industry, state, country, or platforms/technologies impact lead generation and nurturing. Therefore, accuracy and consistency through data normalization are vital in such cases.

A major part of our data normalization work flow-in from our data migration projects comprising consolidating legacy data sources and subsequently migrating the data into CRM systems like Sales Force and Saleslogix, etc.

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We’re passionate about data accuracy. We understand that data normalization is one of the most critical tactics in effective lead management. Contact us to learn ore about our Data Normalization Services.

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