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Large volume data stored in a variety of file formats can lead to data discrepancy and redundancy. SunTec Data provides data conversion services to enable easy conversion of hardcopy and digital data in a suitable digital format and facilitate easy access and retrieval of information across the enterprise. Our services are aimed at helping you easily view and analyze valuable information, with all the business-critical data stored in a file format of your choice.

Backed by an expert team of data conversion professionals, we can convert your business reports, financial records, invoices, directories, periodicals, catalogs and much more with utmost accuracy and store the data in a single, searchable and organized database to facilitate easy data sharing.

SunTec Data’s Data Conversion Services: Key Features

At SunTec Data, we provide a complete spectrum of data conversion services to our global clients, including corporations and enterprises, academic institutions and universities, publishers, libraries, etc. Our experts can convert complex data and documents, digitize hard copy files, and deliver the data in a format that is easy to store and edit. We deliver 99.99% accuracy, and ensure zero data loss during the entire data conversion process.

Our professionals are adept at converting from any to any format or database. For example: PDF to Doc, Image to Text, HTML, XML, SGML and PDF conversion.

Our data conversion services, include:

PDF Conversion

Our experts can efficiently capture pertinent data from editable as well as non-editable PDF formats and provide it to you in an easy-to-access file format.

HTML Conversion

We can convert your Text, PPT, RTF, Flash, PDF, Image and Design files into HTML with complete accuracy.

XML Conversion

Our experts can accurately extract data from your scanned documents and use XML templates to store the data in a structured form, as done in engineering, technical publishing and scientific databases. Catering to diverse industry verticals and niches since more than 15 years, we deliver output that adheres to established standards such as PubMed, JATS, NLM and Bookshelf, TEI XML, DITA, DTBook, XBRL, S1000D, DocBook, or any other industry specific standard.

Document Conversion

Our experts can convert your digital documents from any to any format such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.

eBook Conversion

As part of data conversion services, we can also convert hardcopy documents, webpages and physical books into eBooks for publishers, authors, universities and libraries. You can provide you the content in hardcopy or any digital format like XML, Word/RTF, PDF, Page Maker, HTML, InDesign, FrameMaker, SGML, Mobi, ePub, ePub2, ePub3 or any other.

SGML Conversion

With SGML conversion services, our experts can help you manage large volumes of information by converting the data in SGML format that facilitates sharing of machine-readable documents.

OCR Scanned Document Conversion

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, we can convert your scanned images and files into HTML, MS Word, HTML, ASCII or any other editable digital format. Our document conversion specialists can also manage your multipage PDFs and convert them into OCR-processed, text searchable PDF documents.

Data Tables Conversion

As part of document conversion services, our professionals convert the scanned documents that contain data tables into MS Excel, CSV or any other spreadsheet format, while maintaining utmost accuracy.

Reasons to Hire Data Conversion Company - SunTec Data:

SunTec Data holds experience of over a decade and a half in converting documents providing required data and in a suitable file format to facilitate easy access. We deliver data conversion services in alignment with client’s specific business requirements.

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