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A well-designed and effective dashboard provides businesses with critical access to key business metrics.

Navigating enterprise data throughout its myriad of varieties and sheer scale is a daunting task. Its value makes it all the more important to not miss a single piece of it, no matter where it may be present in the large pile. You’ll also need to mind the fact that you could misread the data in such a situation, rendering the entire analysis and reporting process a waste and compromising the integrity and effectiveness of the business strategy derived from it. A well-designed data dashboard that displays all of the conclusions from the analysis process in one clean, comprehensible, and appealing view is the solution that can help you overcome this data representation challenge.

SunTec Data is the dashboard design company you need to bring together the entirety of your processed data’s information into a compact presentation that highlights the insights it has to offer while being compact and easily navigable to any kind of user. A well-designed and effective dashboard by us provides critical access to your businesses’ key metrics.

Specializing in delivering dashboard designing services, SunTec Data helps enterprises in designing dashboards that cover all the critical data points and support entrepreneurs in making informed decisions. Hire dashboard designers from us to create compact dashboards with clean and sophisticated visualizations that can be used to collate critical data and run a better business.

Require the representation of real-time data that doesn’t add ambiguity to your decision making process in a critical, fast-paced environment? Our dashboard design services can make it possible. Combined with our well-crafted custom report generation services that generates animation and graphics to suit your style of information consumption, we will provide you with a dashboard that tracks and displays the metrics of your choice in real-time, giving you all the information you need to make those important decisions without worries of inaccuracy and ambiguity.

Our dashboard design services are aimed at providing a single reporting interface to business owners and marketers to expose key metrics to decision makers within the organization.

SunTec Data's Rich Array of Dashboard Designing Services: A Glimpse

Being one of the most valuable assets for businesses, data must be gathered from a multitude of sources and compiled together. With our dashboard design services, we aim to do just that. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced designers who assist businesses in designing a dashboard that acts as a remarkable information management tool and enables them to share critical information with all the users.

Our range of dashboard design services, include:

As part of dashboard design services, we can design both operational and analytical dashboards in accordance with your specific requirements.

Why Outsource Dashboard Design Services to SunTec Data?

Management of an entire organization’s data with all its intricacies requires the deft touch of a professional agency that’s dedicated to delivering best in class services in this domain. SunTec Data has established itself in the industry with a reputation for the same, serving top-tier companies with our quality dashboard design services and other vital data related ones. Our dedication towards what we do has kept us in demand since our inception, and we are growing and improving every day because of it.

We have made innovation our mantra, incorporating the latest trends, technologies, and practices of the industry to keep you in-line with the market and help you deliver your products/ services with the kind of messaging that gets you conversions. Our dashboard design services will ensure that your dashboard will serve all that you need to win against your competition by beating them to the starting line of the next greatest seller based on the clearly presented information gained by processing every nugget of your market research data.

Hire dashboard designers from us and you will get access to the finest experts in the field who will study your requirements and design a dashboard that uses their wide berth of skills and depth of experience. They stay up to date on everything that’s new in their domain, and bring that into every bit of work they put into creating the dashboard. If you are struggling with figuring out your requirements wrt your dashboard design, then there’s no need to worry. Our experts will also offer you guidance on what will work best for you after considering your objectives, requirements, and resources. Thus, when you hire dashboard designers from SunTec Data, you’ll be granting yourself more than just a workforce that gives you results; you’ll be gaining a team that knows what needs to be done to turn your dashboard design into the powerhouse tool you want it to be.

SunTec Data holds 15+ years of experience in designing dashboards for a range of industry verticals such as financial, healthcare, legal, real estate, retail, marketing firms, etc. So when you outsource dashboard designing services to us, we will work to bring all of that in the best combination to your project. The addition of design knowledge and experience of one industry while serving another will lead to the kind of out-of-the-box results that can shape your business practices in ways never conceived before. We can, therefore, give your company the edge it needs to cut through a competitive market and gain the traction you desire in it.

By outsourcing dashboard designing services to us, you can not only save your time, company cost, and efforts but also concentrate on day to day business activities. Our experts are proficient at designing all types of dashboards like executive, sales, marketing, call center, social media, and healthcare dashboards, covering your business every dimension to help you connect the dots better on the status and future trajectory of each.

With dashboard development and design services, we help you:

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What are the steps involved in dashboard design?

Gathering the vast quantities of enterprise data after it has been processed into a single viewpoint is a really complex challenge. Care must be taken to present every valuable piece of data in the dashboard without making it crowded and unreadable. Achieving that requires the setting up of a mechanism that results in such a design. The process starts off with identifying the audience to aim it at. The level of the executives viewing it determines the overall design and information display considerations. Then, the goals driving the project are considered. Based on that, the next step goes into choosing the KPIs and their relevant context. The type of dashboard is then selected. It could be from a template or a custom one based on the client’s specifications. The next step is the inclusion of the different varieties of charts to be placed in the dashboard. Following that is the choice of layout. The combination of chart and layout must not clash with one another. The colors used must stay with the overall theme. Any real-time elements must comply with the setup at every moment, including animations. If it is not possible to include them in the same page of the dashboard as the rest of the metrics, then a provision for showcasing it in a separate one is to be made. Finally, the entire thing must be optimized for multiple devices to make it flexible enough to be viewed anywhere. Innovations must be introduced as and when needed to make the dashboard more effective and future-ready.

What are the commonly presented KPIs in dashboards?

The choice of KPIs to be displayed on the company dashboard is totally up to the client to decide. It also depends on the audience of the dashboard, facilitating the use of multiple dashboards by a single company to serve its numerous departments. The highest level executives of a company require information on revenue growth, ROI, profit margin, attrition rate, no. of added customers, etc. Hence, their dashboards will reflect the same. Marketers need to learn about things like bounce rate, avg. no. of visitors to the site, conversion rates, etc. to gauge their marketing efforts. Operations KPIs will include employee engagement, productivity rates, quality of output, resources consumed to produce one unit of output, etc. HR will be looking into the attrition rate, employee related expenses, retention rate, absenteeism rate, employee satisfaction, etc. Thus, the necessity behind the purpose of the dashboard drives the presence of the kind of KPIs that will be present.

What are the downsides of dashboards?

Dashboards are by far the most convenient and effective tools to study the data components that make up the foundation of an organization. However, they are not without their set of limitations. The standout one is the dearth of a real-time anomaly detection mechanism. Defects in real-time data will slip through as a result, and it requires additional software to counter them. Then there is the over reliance on historical data. Here, the data being viewed may not reflect what will happen in the future. Then there are the missing or small incidents. The need to keep things brief will ask for some things to be removed from the dashboard. Data clustering and false positives come next. Despite the best efforts, dashboards may end up with too many days items, leaving the dashboard looking stuffed and confusing. False positives happen when incorrect data manages to enter a calculation. There's guesswork involved in selecting the KPIs to display, often leaving out some important aspects.

What makes SunTec Data's dashboard design services the best?

Excellence shows at every instance, and SunTec Data's excellent dashboard design services made us the go-to service provider for all industries. We create customized dashboards that look professional and pack a punch when it comes to effective functioning. We select the best styles and KPIs for it to make it appealing and user friendly. Our experts use cutting edge software to deliver their services, adding their vast experience into the mix. And all of this comes at costs and schedules that favor you. You are guaranteed to get the best when you choose us.

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