News and Content Aggregation Services

Recognize revenue in a rapid & cost-effective manner with innovative content aggregation solutions

Content and News Aggregation Solutions

Translate news and content into business intelligence with our premium content & news aggregation and data research services from SunTec Data. It is almost impossible to extract the crucial data for your business from the internet as there is a lot of information available there. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of feed aggregators and data professionals on board that can provide you with crucial business data curated from multiple authentic sources including newsletters, blogs, magazines, social media, etc.

Our experts compile information from the internet based on your requirements and the specific keywords that are more relevant to your business and requirements. Besides delivering superior content aggregation services, we are masters at discovering engaging ways to utilize the information and improvise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns as well as brand reputation. By opting for our news and content aggregation services, you can get the chance to create secure, powerful, and smarter business applications that can help you attract more target audiences and take your business to the next level.

Exceptional Data Intelligence with Automated Crawlers

Our competent data aggregators offer content and news aggregation services via automated crawlers tailored to diverse business requirements. We employ a well-defined architecture and multi-threaded operational logic to support seamless functioning and scrape the ever-expanding data stores across the web.

Our crawlers prevent data loss, optimize the extraction process and provide scalable storage and extensibility functions. Intelligent recrawling logic is utilized to save time and resources, adapt to new data formats & fetch protocols while eliminating ambiguity. Further, the crawlers are also modelled to surpass web scraping restrictions on websites while following ethical data extraction practices.

End-to-End Content and News Aggregation Services

Our services help you unlock the potential of content discovery combined with frictionless delivery, accurate analysis, and easily searchable & shareable outcomes.

Content Processing - A Step Ahead

When you outsource content and news aggregation to SunTec Data, our data expert team ensures optimum utilization of user-generated content by creating and feeding high-quality data to rigorous processing mechanisms. The team uses a robust content aggregation and sentiment analysis framework with automated agents to ensure accurate interpretation of individual opinions across different websites, forums, and social media sites. This, in turn, helps our clients make wise business decisions and enhance their brand’s presence.

Furthermore, our content aggregation services leverage opinion mining, collective sentiment summarization, data cleaning, and ML/AI training data sets to conduct social sentiment analysis and public emotion labeling across all your online brand platforms.

Syndicated Web Content Aggregation - The SunTec Data Way

We follow a systematic approach and adopt a well-defined process to deliver you exceptional outcomes.

Syndicated Web Content Aggregation

Why Choose SunTec Data as Your Content & News Aggregation Outsourcing Partner?

We are one of the leading news and content aggregation services providers available in the market with a wide industry experience in serving clients across the globe. SunTec Data has been serving enterprises across the globe with advanced data and technology solutions for more than 20 years now. The best thing about us is that we have an in-house team of skilled researchers, analysts, and project managers that are dedicated to producing results as per our quality standards. Also, we have the industry’s best turnaround time, we help our clients extract and utilize invaluable data hassle-free. Our data experts curate feeds that help improve business margins, create competitive solutions, streamline workflows, and boost overall growth.

Outsource content and news aggregation to us and enjoy:

Connect With Us Today For All Your Content & News Aggregations Requirements

Are you in search of premium news and content aggregation services provider that can conduct deep research on the required information and provide you with valuable insights? You are definitely at the correct place. We at SunTec Data are a leading content and news aggregator company dedicated to providing news and content aggregation services to our clients from different industry verticals and located in different corners of the globe. We have been serving the industry for more than 2 decades now and have the required expertise and experience to conduct the required research and analysis to provide results that are beyond our client’s expectations. You can outsource news and content aggregation services to us to see a remarkable improvement in their sales, conversion rates, and overall ROI.

Connect with us today and let our professional curate the required information to convert it into business intelligence. Please drop us a free consultation request at Our research expert would get in touch with you to understand your content and news-related requirements. You can even call us at +919311468458 to place your queries.


Why is there a need to Aggregate Content?

With the advancement in time in technology, there is a drastic change in the marketing techniques and the way things are presented to the end customers and the target audience. Business owners nowadays need insights on various business-related information available on the internet which can actually help them scale up and attract a wider target audience. Curating content from various sources available on the internet helps the business owners get the specific information or data that can help them make important business decisions and keep them one step ahead of their competitors and the market competition.

Is it legal to aggregate content?

Yes, it is 100% legal to aggregate or curate content from the multiple sources available on the internet, until you are not using it as it is to display it for your target audience. If you have collected any information from the internet and use it as it is on your website, then there can surely be copyright issues. So, taking the idea behind you and using your creativity to give the content or news a fresh feel is crucial.

Why do people use news aggregators?

Using news aggregators is crucial to collect news or information in a diversified way. Reading news from a single source does not provide complete information about an incident or an event, therefore news aggregators help the readers get the complete information that the news is about so that the reader can make the best use of it to make important decisions.

What is your turnaround time?

We at SunTec Digital are dedicated to providing the quickest turnaround time in comparison to other service providers available in the market. The best thing about us is that our experts get to work on your projects as soon as they receive them and get the specific requirements. We will assign your project as soon as you place a query with us and will make the payment. We assure you that we will deliver your project within 24 hours but that again depends upon the project size and the business requirements. If in case the project gets delayed, we will keep you informed

Will you charge extra in case I ask for revisions?

No, we will never charge you if you did not like our work and ask us for revisions. The good news here is that we are ready for revisions till the time you are satisfied with the results provided by our experts. Also, if required we can change the expert working on your project and will assign it to other experts who can understand your requirements and produce results as per your expectations. There are hardly any chances that such a situation will occur, but still, we are ready for that too. So, just connect with us with your queries and provide us the chance to start working on your projects.

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