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Company History

SunTec Data, a division of SunTec India, has been offering a motley range of data intelligence, data marketing and data support services since 1999.

Over these exhilarating twenty years we have grown, diversified our skills and capabilities and established ourselves as one of the most trusted and well-known names in the field of data entry and data processing solutions. Our reliability, accuracy and speed in turning around projects have earned us a prestigious and loyal client base spread across the world.

SunTec Data was founded as the internet and the digital revolution began to transform the world. The two, acting in tandem, shrunk the world like never before and ushered numerous new opportunities for businesses to enhance their productivity. Suddenly, it was possible for a company in Atlanta or Canberra to outsource its back office operations to any corner of the globe. SunTec Data came of age in this brave new world. As the years have rolled, we have kept pace with the growing intricacy of the data processing needs of modern, twenty-first century businesses. We have added to our quiver all the state of the art software and hardware essential to providing premium, end-to-end data intelligence, data marketing and data support services. Throughout its almost decade and a half long life SunTec Data has continuously enriched its services while firmly adhering to the principle of providing a client the best data processing solutions at the most affordable rates.

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