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Case Study: Verbatim Coding for a Global Market Research Company

Our client is a market research firm, offering marketing research, analysis and consulting services across the globe. The client conducted a survey across Austria, France and Germany, receiving over 3 million responses from customers in multiple languages.

Thus, to efficiently manage the large volume of open-ended survey responses in English, French and German, the client wanted someone to perform verbatim coding and convert the text in actionable data for effective decision making.


SunTec Data's Solution

Through a complete spectrum of verbatim coding services, SunTec Data supported the client in collating, coding and analyzing unstructured responses to better understand the target market. Our experts assigned numeric codes to specific words, phrases and images to ensure that the data can be analyzed quantitatively. Keeping in mind client’s specific requirements, we chose Ascribe coding software to:

We provided deeper understanding to the client about the target market, market sizing and forecasts to facilitate the decision making process.


With our range of verbatim coding services, we helped the client in:

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