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Student Database Audit, Cleansing & Verification for a US-Based Educational Institution

Client Background

The client is a leading US-based educational institution, home to over 50,000 students. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs and has been ranked among the country's top universities.

Client Requirements

Having a comprehensive database of more than 8, 00,000 former students, the client was looking for a trustworthy outsourcing partner to meticulously audit, cleanse and update the dataset in a time-frame of 4 months. The client turned to us to cleanse, de-duplicate, verify and validate the contact details of the students. The project involved:

Challenges Faced

The project involved cleansing and enriching the records, containing information of over 8, 00,000 students. It needed to take into account data conversion from some previously existing data source, unplanned database consolidations, and batch feeds leading to data quality problems. Another major challenge was to conduct in-depth web research to find out the contact details of each and every student, verify and update the information.

Solutions Offered

With an optimum blend of human resource and advanced technology, SunTec Data helped the client cleanse and enrich their student database. To precisely cleanse and enrich the records, containing information of over 8, 00,000 students, we deployed an expert team of highly skilled and seasoned data management professionals, comprising 30 data analysts, 2 Team Leaders, 5 Quality Check Professionals, and 1 Project manager to complete the project in the stipulated timeframe.

As part of our data management services, our experts:


Through our comprehensive data management services, we helped the client maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of students, containing over 8, 00,000 entries. By organizing the records in an appropriate format, we made it easy for the users to access and retrieve critical details just in time.

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