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Case study: Data Analysis and Reporting for A Logistics Firm

Client Profile

Our client is an Australia-based logistics firm, specializing in delivering enterprise-grade supply-chain solutions to companies that require on-demand mission critical services. To easily gain insights from their data, the client wanted us to create a user-friendly dashboard based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and business metrics to showcase sales trends and expose opportunities for growth.


SunTec Data's Solution

Offering a range of data reporting and analysis services, SunTec Data supported the client right from gathering data inputs from multiple sources and analyzing it to presenting it visually through charts, graphs, maps, etc. Thus, providing the client with valuable insights from business-critical data.


We provided the client with actionable information, helping them analyze trends, improve the understanding of their clients, and seize opportunities. We ensured that the client has more control over their data as well as business.

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