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Capturing Data For A Top Ranking American University

The client:

A top ranking American university

Client profile:

The said university is one of the most prestigious of the USA, is counted in the Ivy League and draws students from all over the world. Its Business, Engineering and Law degrees are particularly sought after. It is also very well known for its Humanities' courses. The university has produced more than fifty Nobel laureates and its alumni have founded what are today some of the largest and most profitable American companies. Besides scientists, academics and businessmen, this university has also produced some great athletes who have won medals at the Olympics.

Project requirement:

To capture data from students' profile questionnaires and enter it into a web based application.

The challenges:

The solution:

The questionnaires data capture professionals at SunTec Data took charge of the project. The client had provided the questionnaires to us as scanned images. The scanned images were divided between three teams. Each team comprised of ten professionals. In each of these teams we included professionals who are deft at capturing data from handwritten texts and forms. To insure hundred percent accuracy, we used the double entry technique for capturing data. Data was captured and entered into the web based application simultaneously. This made sure that the project was turned around remarkably quickly, much before the deadline set by the client. The finished project was put through a rigorous quality check and we made sure that no errors, however minor, had slipped through.

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