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Abstracting Data For An American Ivy League University

The client:

An American Ivy League university.

Client background:

The above university is more than two hundred years old and enjoys immense academic prestige, not just in the United States of America but all over the world. It provides excellent education in science and humanities and has produced dozens of Nobel Laureates. It also offers a much sought after business management course. Its alumni have made rich contribution to every aspect of American national life – politics, literature, cinema, etc. The university has produced Presidents, some of the most popular American movie stars and Nobel Prize winning authors.

Project requirement:

To manually abstract data from the university’s originally reported and restated financial items and descriptions of restatements from restatement footnotes. The financial items included net income, EPS, and total stockholder equity.

The challenges:

The solution:

The solution offered by us was financial data abstraction. We assigned the task to a team of ten financial data abstraction specialists. We also scaled a team of five web research specialists to assist the financial data abstraction professionals. They traced each SEC filing URL, read the restatement footnotes and identified the relevant details on them. To ensure one hundred per cent accuracy our professionals employed the double entry method when abstracting the relevant data. The finished project was put through a meticulous quality check.

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