Web Research For An American Real Estate Research And Consulting Firm

The client:

An American real estate research and consulting firm.

Client background:

The said firm is more than a decade old and is regarded a very reliable source of information and insights on the real estate market of the USA. It provides commercial banks, investors and lenders market data along with valuation and inspection reports on properties. This firm has on its rolls some of the most experienced and respected analysts who have made it a leading authority on the American real estate market. It has developed some path breaking property valuation models which have greatly benefitted investor and buyer alike.

Project requirement:

To identify or confirm the building/property type using Bing, Google and Google Maps.

The challenges:
  • The buildings and properties whose types we had to verify numbered about ten thousand and were spread all over the USA. Their very large number and the fact that they were not concentrated in one place made our job a very difficult one.
  • Very often, information gathered on a property from one source, if it did not seem reliable enough, had to be corroborated from another.
  • The project had to be accomplished flawlessly as the client intended to use all this data to refine its valuation models.
  • Sometimes, we found conflicting information on a property. Getting to the right information then took a lot of complicated research.
The solution:

The solution offered by us was web research. First, we sorted the buildings and properties on the basis of the states in which they were located. Once this initial sorting was done, it turned out that they were scattered over fifteen American states. We, then, put together a team of thirty web research professionals. They were further divided into fifteen groups of two each. Each group took charge of identifying the types of the buildings and properties located in a particular state. They were assisted by a team of five professionals who double checked and corroborated all doubtful information. The project was supervised by a dedicated Project Manager.

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